Jesus Understands…..

 I was battered and bruised by the wounds of life imparted to me  by

 my Parents in strife.

 For unable to handle the pain in their hearts they tore at each other with malice and hate leaving despair and fear in its wake.

  They wanted Love but couldn’t find the way seeking for it in the chattels of life which lead to confusion turmoil and strife.

  Scared of what would happen if I came near cringing and crying with pain in my soul loosing the joy that Childhood holds.

 My days became something to dread and at times I even wished I was dead.

  I wanted to share but no one could see the pain that I did bear or that I needed someone to care.

 Just a child full of fancy wanting to escape seeking Love instead of heartache.

 I rebelled through the years having no peace and unable to find the joy that I had lost I punished myself at great cost.

  The inner child in increasing pain was left alone to bear the shame,

 Many times did I seek but no Love was found only guilt and fear, how I longed for arms to hold me near.

  If only someone could understand and take away the pain helping me to feel Loved and wanted again.

  Yet deep within His heart was a Love that would not depart a tenderness waiting to be shown a Joy of things unknown.

  Knocking at my hearts door Jesus asked if He could come in for He had already forgiven me of my sin and was wanting to heal me of my pain setting me free me from the shame.

  I opened up the door and felt Him drawing me near then I knew in His arms I never need to fear for He gave me His Peace and perfect Love

On the wings of a Dove.

  Then I understood He was always by our side from the very start He chose to win His Bride even if we roamed He would search and carry us home.

 He would never let us go because He Loved us so.

  Placing within our hearts the Joy of things to come so His Hope we would know and His blessings would overflow,

  The wonder of it all is His Love that’s always free reaching from the start and filling Eternity.

 Penned by Annie

About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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12 Responses to Jesus Understands…..

  1. Mental Break-In Progress says:

    Wow Annie ❤ You were not joking when you mentioned understanding my childhood fears! I relate to this so much it's kind of scary yet a relief all at the same time. God certainly knows how to make sure I cross paths with the right people and I am glad I have found you on my travels with Him 🙂 God Bless ❤


    • Yes very True Cavelle, God brings us together to uplift and encourage each other and even to cry together if needed. Thank you for visiting and sharing, you touched my Heart with your Honesty, your Warmth and your Understanding, may you be greatly Blessed too.

      Christian Love Always – Annie.


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  3. 50djohnson says:

    Oh Annie, This was beautiful. This is something that is so very hard for me to undertand,God is so good to bring you through the fire…Amen!!


    • Thank you Debbie and I think your beautiful too in your heart, where it really matters.

      I often think of God’s pain when He sees us suffering, as you can read about in my other Poem about my Childhood (link below) which like all my Poetry is inspired and anointed by Him and I do not say this without confirmation, you might like to read how they all came to be sometime but for now Jesus wrote this Poem to me to help me understand, it’s similar to this one and shows His Love and Compassion too.

      Jesus’ words of Compassion-

      Yes Debbie as you said; God strengthened me to be able to endure through the Fire and also the Storms and He still does and heals me too. He also helped me to understand why they happen, if He was to stop all evil now, like He did compassionately with the world wide flood in Noah’s time, where evil was rampant and even Children were being burnt alive to worship Pagan gods, He would have to end the World as we know it now too but He is patient it’s not His will that anyone perishes, He knows those who are His but sadly for those who will perish which means Eternal separation from Him in Hell, it’s their choice, good and evil can’t co-exist in Unity.

      Satan controls this earth and he seeks to kill and to put an end to all goodness but he won’t succeed, instead he will reap what he sows, eternal suffering in Hell too, which he created, it was his plan for those who wouldn’t worship him or accept the mark of the Beast.

      Blessings to you Dear Debbie – Anne.

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      • 50djohnson says:

        Oh, my goodness, Anne, I ,too, believe God strengthened me in order to anoint my writing in His timing. A friend of mine had a vision about me that I was one with an angel’s wings. In her hand was the end of a ready writer to proclaim the words God gives me in what she calls my latest downloads from God! I so totally understand exactly what you are saying. too bad we can’t send private messages. Are you on facebook?


  4. MTJames says:

    That’s powerful stuff, Anne. You have a glorious testimony.


    • Thank you Jim, I know God’s Love and Compassion shines brightly throughout my life with Miracles, signs and wonders and even when I messed up and than came to True heart repentance. How can I put in words the deep thankfulness I feel that He would not only forgive me of my many sins but also heal me of life threatening conditions. Yes God is good – All the Time!

      Blessings – Anne


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  6. Freedomborn says:

    Thank you nuvofelt, for your kindness and encouragment again, my Life has been a hard one but a blessed one and it continues but each tomorrow is always a new day to feel God’s Love anew… fresh like a rose covered in dew.

    Christian Love Anne


  7. nuvofelt says:

    (((((Hugs))))) Beautifully written.


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