Resent Updates Past and Present.

These will be my last Updates before I Post a Christmas Message as I would like to spend more time joining up with those of you again that I’m still not Following because of WordPress not adding you to my Follow List. 

Why they didn’t I don’t know because I clicked on all of you in my Dashboard who are still Blogging and have also been  following me and who I have followed for some time too. I do want to receive your Posts and respond when I’m able even if it will be some time after you have Posted. I did think at first that it may be in connection to the Privacy Policy but I’m not sure now as we also have them on Websites in Australia but they don’t stop us from joining up or commenting, I will know more after I visit you Today or in the near future.

Recent Updates…….

I was again contacted last week by Prince Charles Hospital who advised me that they  had Rescheduled my Open Heart Surgery and it was going to be on Thursday this week but I no longer felt at Peace about having the Operation after the Trauma I went through before which I have shared about with you previously but to condense here;  After waiting a very long time to hear from them they told me to come in for my Opp but they than cancelled it when I was on the way to the Hospital saying they would contact me again in a few weeks but it was over 5 weeks before I heard from them and that was only after I saw another Cardiologist at Caboolture Hospital recently who contacted them but I need to remember Hospitals constantly have emergencies and some who are very critical would not survive without immediate attention.

After the Cancellation of my previous Surgery  two Woman whom I talked to later at Prince Charles Hospital  were very Understanding and Caring when I shared about what had happened, one of them was a Christian I’m not sure about the other one but both were very Kind in their response to me. 

It has  been almost 10 mths since I had the Angiogram in March this year and also since my first visit with one of their Cardiologists who told me that I could die without warning at anytime and that I Urgently needed Open Heart Surgery after I have my Dental Clearance. This was confirmed by two other Doctors.  But I was later also told I was in no danger by my own Doctor after he did more Tests on my Heart and by the results of Tests at another Hospital. But I was than informed by the Cardiologist at Prince Charles that my Doctor did not know enough about my Heart Condition to claim this to be True and so he contacted my Doctor who than agreed that I needed to have Open Heart Surgery. 

I have now decided not to proceed with having the Operation until I feel I at Peace to do so, I  prayed about this and so did Ron and some of my friends and we have also Prayed for The Lord to Intervene  if needed before my Operation which has now been Rescheduled for early Next Year and I never doubt that He will work everything out for good in my Life as He has done before and also now because as you no doubt realize I’m still Alive!

Yes He is  the only One who knows the Future and our Allotted time on this earth and He can extend it as He has done much more than once with me  but He does not shorten our Lives but we can. By His foreknowledge He knows the time needed for those who are His to have True Heart Repentance, showing our Faith in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and to also do the Good Works He has chosen and than prepared us to do.

It is very True that our Abba Father  knows those who are His and has from Eternity and He Promises that not one of us will Perish meaning to be separated from Him and suffer Eternally, He Protects our Soul and when needed Jesus our Loving Shepherd goes after His Lost Sheep and brings us back to His Fold and yes I was one of them.

 Update 2……..

The other Update I want to share about with you is that the Church I was attending has now closed, the Pastor decided to move on and he will indeed be greatly missed, so once again I’m looking for a Christian Home so I will be able to Fellowship and Worship our Lord with other Heart focused Christians.

I did attend  another Church recently and they were very friendly and caring especially the Pastor and his wife and also an Elder and his wife but I’m not sure about their Teaching because like some of the other Churches I have visited what they claim is from God and was passed onto them by their Prophet is not confirmed in Scripture but in Truth what God tells us by His inspired Words as Translated in the Original K.J.V  is the opposite of what they are Propagating and this is the same with the Cults too.

Please keep Praying for Ron and myself as we do need your Heartfelt Prayers, yes our Abba Father has intervened with both of us as confirmed with you before and He has also reassured me more than once that He is with me in this Storm.

 I’m Praying for Him to Greatly Bless All of you for your Faithfulness to Pray and for your Love to all those in need, you are indeed Our Abba Father’s Heart Children..

Christian Love always, your Blogging Friend Anne or as I’m also known and often called; “Grannie Annie.”


About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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11 Responses to Resent Updates Past and Present.

  1. inspirationthroughwordspictures says:

    Will be away from the computer for a few days going to the ocean for a few days break.


    • Freedomborn says:

      It was good to hear about your Trip Barb, I’m pleased you had a good time and I’m still praying about the other things you shared about with me too.

      I will be Posting again in the next few days and also visiting you and my other Blogging Friends to read and comment on some of yours and their Messages that I haven’t yet responded to and I will Phone you too.

      May God continue to Bless you my dear friend, Christian Love Always – Anne.


  2. Patty B says:

    God does indeed know the time He has planned for us. The Holy Spirit will guide you in your decisions as He will give wisdom to your doctors. I think of you often and feel bad that life has gotten crazy with my jobs especially the one where my job description has changed a bit. I have procrastinated as well and am now paying piper. We both know that procrastination is a tool of the enemy and I fell right into it. But by God’s grace I am getting myself organized with the grace of God who created time. It is amazing how much I am getting done with time left over to worship Him and enjoy some quiet personal time. When we follow in obedience He does indeed bless us.
    Prayers for whatever the new year brings you my friend – may it be restored health to serve our Lord Father here on earth. Hugs –

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    • Freedomborn says:

      Dear Patty I know exactly what you mean, I too have been under extreme pressure but like you I’m Trusting in our Abba Father to keep me Strong to the end, whenever that will be.

      Perhaps Jesus will return before my Allotted time on earth is over although there is still Prophesy that needs to be forfilled first but we can see from the signs that He asked us to watch for that it’s not too far into the future.

      But I do need to apologise to you Patty about your Christmas Card from me, I’m sorry that it will be late this year.

      So for now Patty until you receive my Christmas Card, I’m wishing you much Love, Joy and Peace for “Christ”mas and for God’s abundant blessings to overflow for you in the New year.

      I Love you my dear friend Patty and Always will – Anne (Grannie Annie)


  3. Through All the Storms we experience in Life when we Trust and Obey our Abba Father our fear does not stay, just like His Rainbow with it’s colors in full display takes the darkness away, in our Hearts His Love shines bright bringing Light even in the darkest night.

    Blessings – Grannie Annie.


  4. It’s good that you’re taking time to be sure the surgery is needed and of course you have a peace, even if it’s just for the timing of it. Anyway Anne, if through the holidays we don’t touch base again, I hope you have a lovely Christmas… Love Diane xxx

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    • Freedomborn says:

      I will try to contact you again Diane before Christmas Day, hopefully I will be able to connect with you this time.

      Thank you for your Friendship Diane and for your Encouragement with Blogging this year, we have indeed both been through Storms but Thankfully God has been our Umbrella.

      Christian Love Always – Anne

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  5. inspirationthroughwordspictures says:

    I will keep praying for you my friend. You sounded cheerful last night I had another phone call last night. I prayed about it. I just can’t be down in the city by nine am and support her to the emergency dept for xrays. I felt bad but I would have to leave here by at least 6.30. In touch soon.. I had a sleep decided to check things out

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    • Freedomborn says:

      God understands when our time is limited Barb, all you can do now is to Honestly explain why you couldn’t be there for her and continue to Pray that she will understand and know that you Love her.

      I’m also upset Barb that I have not been able to both comment and join up again with all those I use to follow before, it was very much my intention as I told you to do so but of course it’s not just my fault, when I tried they were made unfollow again or it was their Cookie Policy blocking me. But I still feel sorry that I’m no longer in contact with them as I was before but my time as you know Barb has also been very limited with my Heath and Computer issues. Yes God understands but some others may not but than perhaps they don’t care anyway, I hope not and I Pray not.

      Why was I so cheerful yesterday Barb because I received some more Beautiful, Loving and Encouraging Christmas and Birthday Cards from some of my friends in N.S.W they reminded me what the True reason for Christmas is LOVE! yes we are greatly Loved and my Birthday Cards reminded me that they also Love me with all my weakness and shortcomings, How very Blessed I am but they also reminded me that I too must send my Birthday and Christmas Cards soon. Hmmmm One day at a time.

      Christian Love Always dear Barb – Anne.

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