Update On My Needing Your Prayers Urgently

Just a quick Update, I went to The Prince Charles Hospital yesterday for further Tests and  to confirm that I was not in any risk of a Heart Attack at this time but they did advise me that the probability was very strong that I will need an Operation to put things right. The Hospital had been trying to phone me urgently but they only had my old Mobil number, fortunately they also had Ron’s Mobile number and so I was able to contact them. 

Although I have been in Acute pain from a recent Tooth Extraction that needed Surgery as the Dentist found it very hard to remove, Thankfully I have had no Heart pain or shortness of breath recently which I very much Thank God for as the Tests showed there could have been.

I will be having the Angiogram next Wednesday and depending on the results an Operation will be secluded either straight away or in the near future, hopefully I will be able to let you know . 

Thank you again for your continued Prayers, you are all indeed a Blessing whom I give Thanks to God for, I just wish I could give you all a Big Thank You Hug!.

Christian Love Always – Anne (Grannie Annie)


About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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24 Responses to Update On My Needing Your Prayers Urgently

  1. I hope all went well! I wish you a blessed and joyful Easter!

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    • Thank you again for your Caring and Heartfelt wishes Caleb, I have just Posted all about my Procedure with my Easter Wishes for you and my other Bogging friends, perhaps you will have time to read them.

      May Easter bring you much Joy Caleb in your remembrance of Jesus’ great Love for us.

      Christian Love Always – Anne.( Grannie Annie )


  2. Our prayers are with you Anne. It is well with you.

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    • Thank you dear Victor, I value as always your Heartfelt Prayers .to our Loving and Compassionate Abba Father for my good.

      I have not Blogged much recently Victor, you may have noticed but I hope to do more before my Operation which I shared about with my Easter Wishes on my recent Post.

      I have saved your Posts again and have read some of them but I will seek to respond to most of them in the near future.

      Christian Love Victor Always – Anne ( Grannie Annie)


  3. Hope all goes well on Wednesday!

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    • Bless you dear Caleb, sorry for the delay in responding both to your comments here and with your Blog Messages. Although I’m very Thankful that I have had very little heart pain recently and no tooth pain but as I shared below with my other Blogging friends I still have Mussel pain caused from a Accident at Christmas which makes Blogging very difficult.

      Perhaps you may know Caleb of some way to lessen this type of pain because it is not responding to the pain Medication I have had for other problems and my Doctor just said time will heal them.

      Thank you again Caleb, you are indeed a Blessing and I’m sure not just to me.

      Christian Love Always – Anne.


  4. Praise God for the grace.so far! I pray His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, Amen🙏

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    • Thank you musingsalonglifesjourney, I very much appreciate the Christian Love and Compassion you have shown me during this Storm in my Life.

      I had hoped to visit you and others before I went into Hospital but as I shared below with Diane, the pain I’m experiencing in my leg mussels is making Blogging very difficult but Thankfully I have had very little Heart pain and no Tooth pain recently.

      God Bless you Greatly – Anne.


  5. We never need to fear we Trust and Obey and our Loving Compassionate God leads the way through the Storms that come as life unfolds we are never alone He is by our side strengthening us to overcome for in Spirit we are One.

    Blessings – Grannie Annie.

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  6. Anne, Of course I will remember you in prayer… not only for this physical issue, but also for any unspoken prayer you might have… I sometimes feel there are things you may not share but are on your heart. This may be only my perception and not necessarily so… but in any case I lift up all that is in or on your heart and in your mind and soul. Love Diane xxxxx

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    • Bless you Diane and yes there is something I find very hard to share about although I have with some and in a few Post Messages but not fully.

      I know there will be a resolution to this problem if not on Earth than in Heaven but if my life here continues than I will do as I do now which is keep close to my Heart that our Abba Father promises to work everything out for good in our lives because we Love Him and because we are chosen as His Own and I have no doubt He will, He always keeps His Promises. This is why I don’t worry about what will come but I do seek Him when I’m hurting and feeling sad and Pray for His Comfort and Peace and for His Grace to always continue to Love and to Forgive when needed.

      Diane apart from some Posts I felt led to respond to, I have done very little Blogging since the Accidents although I had hoped to visit many more of my Blogging friends but I find sitting for too long painful because of the Mussel damage in my upper legs from the Accident just before Christmas Day, the Doctor did say in time they will heal..

      So I’m sorry Diane if I have missed any of your resent Post Messages, I will save them and respond to them when I can. Perhaps I will be able to come home tonight and not have to stay in Hospital even if it’s just until I have to have the Operation that they advised me will most probably be needed, I’m praying it won’t be but God uses different ways to heal us including Doctors etc although He is our only Healer, all good things come from Him.

      Thank you Diane for your Faithfulness and your Loving Heart shown not just in words but in Actions too.

      Christian Love Now and Always – Anne.


  7. Glad I saw this post. I will be praying for you, Anne. May God be with you. Love,
    Sonali xx

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  8. Oh, my, dear Anne! So much for you to endure right now. I will continue to pray for God’s grace and healing for you! ❤ and hugs!!


    • Thank you dear Lynn, it has not been an easy week for me although there has been no heart pain or Toothache which I’m very Thankful for but I’m still recovering from the Accidents and have chronic mussel pain but through all I have had to endure recently I have not felt alone at all, God has uplifted me and encouraged me through you and my other Loving Friends and Ron has been very caring too, I am indeed Blessed.

      Now about the Hug, it’s a bit hard to send it by e-mail or text so that means you will have to visit me in Aussie Land, now what time Lynn will I pick you up from the Airport? Lol

      Blessings Anne.


  9. Dearest Anne: What a mixture of good news and bad but throughout it all, you know God is uplifting you and constantly with you – Praying for the best outcome for you
    Brother in Christ Graham

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    • Thank you Graham, you do indeed show you are a Christian Brother who cares. Its been a long week but no more continued heart pain or tooth problems although the damaged mussels in
      my legs from the Accident are still very painful, they of course will need time time to heal.

      It’s morning in Aussie Land and I don’t know what today will bring or if there will be a tomorrow for me but very True as you shared Graham; God is uplifting me and never leaves me and it is why I very much appreciate your Prayer support He answers Prayers from a Loving Heart and that you do indeed have Graham, for your wife and family and all those who you care for including Blogging friends like me, Thank you again and God Bless you greatly.

      Christian Love Always – Anne.


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