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God Hates Halloween’s Pagan and Demonic Rituals

  Once again I found shopping this year with the evil Halloween propaganda a time of displeasure and sadness especially when I reflect how far some have come from not rejecting what God calls evil, instead they have one foot … Continue reading

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Evolution of thought

Originally posted on Reasons For The Hope Blog:
Recently I posted about whales and how evolution just cannot explain how a dog like animal could transform; evolve, into an aquatic animal such as a whale or orca. I received a…

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When you can’t find the right words

.  This reminds me of my driving years except the dogs preferred to walk…….. Hmmmm so did everyone else! .

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Update Connected Once Again

I’m on line now with a new Modem, it’s much faster than the dongel and does not cut in and out but I’m still Thankful for the dongel at least I could Blog even if it was limited. I’m still … Continue reading

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God’s Wisdom is The Principal Thing!

James 1:5-6 If any of you lack Wisdom, let them ask of God, that giveth to all liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given them. But let them ask in faith, nothing wavering. For them that wavereth are … Continue reading

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The Hour After The “C” Word

Originally posted on Snowdrops for faith:
It was the hour after I first heard the “c” word. The doctor seemed so confident in his conclusion that the lump was breast cancer. I reminded myself there was still the possibility that…

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Does God send Babies to Hell to Suffer Eternally

I’m sure with most of you it took less than a minute to affirm that God does not send Babies and young Children to Hell to suffer Eternal Torment and that they are under His Grace until they are of … Continue reading

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Wow! A New Missing Link has been found ???

So why the question marks, how many now including this New Missing Link have they found that were later  dismissed after being proven wrong, don’t be deceived Check it out! for yourself. Missing Links – So how can we … Continue reading

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