Believing in the Evolution Theory causes Loss of Hope…..

S17Ape 1S17Recently I subscribed to a Website that had good amount of  World coverage, they claimed they had the latest News and kept watch on other News outlets for error and as I no longer watch T.V or read most Newspapers because of the content they propagate and others have told me they feel the same, I thought this would be a helpful way to keep up to date, although Ron does share News items he finds interesting and factual with me and reading your Posts can be very informative too. On this Website I was also able to comment on articles and there was no limit on detail as shown by other peoples comments, so I anticipated a beneficial time of learning and sharing but sadly this was not to be so.S17Like much of the Media today even though this one claimed to keep others Truthful, I found they were biased and reported only on what confirms their own ungodly understanding and agenda, often proven by some of their articles thankfully there are some News Media outreaches that don’t do this but not so with the one I joined up with, which I have now unsubscribed from.S17 Most of their articles  and News items were presenting a one sided account and they also deleted my comment below without a valid reason given or confirmation on why they thought I was in error, instead  they claimed that they were in their rights to do so but no answer as to why.

So why aren’t Christians also biased, because we are sharing God’s Truth not man’s worldly understanding. S17They had presented an article on Evolution for subscribers to comment on, it was very biased without any confirmation on what they propagated, their claims were only based on  hearsay but then how can anyone present actual truthful evidence that we come from Apes when God created us as Human beings in His likeness, the Evolution Theory has never been proven, God’s Truth in Scripture has.S17My comment below has added helpful links, all facts that I have noted can be confirmed as Truth (if wanted please feel free to ask) which is not so with what the Author of the  articles on this Website had written, she also claimed that it made her laugh that people really believed in a God who Created them in His likeness.S17Why am I bothering to share about my sad experience with this News Media, it’s a warning for those who believe that just because someone claims something  in the Media or on the Internet it is True but as most of you will agree, this is not necessarily so! but sadly a lot of people become conditioned over time and just accept what is presented even when in error.S17My Comment…….S17It doesn’t make me laugh (Authors Name) to think people propagate that we come from Apes, it makes me very sad and God is grieved that they are so foolish in their thinking and that they really believe there is evidence to support the Evolution  Theory and yes it is an unproven Theory because there is no evidence for it except that which also confirms Creation as shown in the Scriptures.S17As for features that we consider to be definitively human, we have hair imbedded in our cell follicles from birth that grows, animals have feathers, fur, scales or shells and others skin sheds as a whole likes snakes, they also don’t have belly buttons formed like humans and they also have different D.N.A which fossils can’t deny but it is confirmed in Scripture when no one had even heard of Pathology the same as that the World is round is confirmed in the Bible, when all men thought it was flat because they did not have big Ships or Space Rockets to confirm it was round.S17 Aids is spoken about in Scripture and what causes it, also Dinosaurs, although this is a modern name first called in 1800, they were called Dragons before and they were on the earth with man and the only one who could have known all these things to tell man to record them, and it is confirmed that they were recorded at this time even in Secular History, would have been God our Creator.S17 Carbon dating has also been proven only to be able to confirm the earth is very young and other dating theories are still unproven in how they are claimed to do so, and the Scriptures confirm the earth is young by the genealogy of man and other proven Truths in Creation.S17Secular Scientists have also never been able to create viable life from nothing, Christians Scientists don’t try because they know  viable sustaining life only comes from God.S17Evolution Scientists also keep changing their superstitions because they know that they have no real confirmation of what they propagate, many times their claims have been proven false. God’s written word  remains the same and only those who have no understanding of it’s Truth claim that it is in error. But how can they understand what is God’s Truth when they don’t believe He exists, they are Natural meaning Only Human, because they don’t  have The Holy Spirit and so it is foolishness to them, they are blinded by their own understanding. 1Corinthans 2:9-11S17

But what I would like to ask you (Authors Name) is why are you trying so hard to prove your Creator does not exist, Christians share God’s Truth to offer others Real Hope for the future and Eternally  but what do you offer others other than a Hopeless End.S17Christian Love – Anne.S17Thank you for listening and please take the time to enjoy the Links below, they are informative and very interesting and some will even give you a laugh.S17

About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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17 Responses to Believing in the Evolution Theory causes Loss of Hope…..

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  2. I share your thoughts. Faith and common sense tells me we didn’t come from apes. For those who believe in the evolution my question is, “Why are there still apes if apes did indeed evolve to humans!”


  3. pilbra says:

    Just got to see the monkey and I remember you reading it out too me. Very true and you are creating quite a stand. Very well done my friend


  4. Ron says:

    Well of course Anne they are in the business of making a profit selling their product, Newspapers. They have never before’ let the facts get in the way of a good story so why change now. Evolution as we know is only a ‘theory, so they don’t let facts of Scripture get in the way either .



  5. sallyjadlow says:

    Good points, Anne, If they admit they have a Creator, they would have to answer to Him.


    • So True Sally and they will be without excuse but then I remember I was an Atheist in my head but not my heart, for nearly 30 years and God’s Truth took away the darkness, so I pray this for them too.

      How have you been?, I’m not sure what happened with your Blog but at the time a lot of strange things were going on, one Post I got in my Inbox from WordPress was almost two years old and others were written months before, anyway good to hear from you again.

      Christian Love – Anne


  6. Andy Oldham says:

    A very good stance Anne! I appreciate your view on this topic and like you said wish the world was smart enough to recognize we are created by God and did not evolve through an ape. I love the moving picture of the ape. It really gave me a needed smile!
    Thanks, and God bless!


    • Hi Andy, so good to hear from you, I have to apologize though for not being in touch but Christmas was not a good time for me, I had an accident, I’m still in pain but it is not as constant now although I have had to limit my Blogging. You have been in my thoughts though, quiet a few times and I was going to look up your last e-mail and reply again.

      I love Animation too and this one of the Ape seemed to say, ” you’ll learn mate ” but I hope they don’t leave it too late.

      Thanks again Andy, I will be in touch soon – Christian Love from both of us – Anne.


  7. A Servant says:

    Anne, first of all I am sorry for your experience. When a person reaches out in truth and is ridiculed our whole society loses.
    I have always believed the effort, evolution is an example, is to cast off any allegiance to God. As the scripture says they would believe a lie rather than God, Romans 1:25.
    Thank God for His patience that He would wait for all men to repent. While I can detest the actions of some, I have to remember God waited patiently for me when I was in sin. Hopefully this person, while God waits, will see the truth of the gospel before it is too late.


    • Thank you A Servant for your concern, I feel though after having been treated the same way by Christians on Blogs that I don’t doubt that many have itching ears, even in the Church.

      God tells us He knows those who are His and He has from the beginning of time, He knows all things. Yes God also waited very, very patiently for me and forgave me heaps, so like you A Servant I do not have hard feelings towards anyone, even when they continue to hurt me but as God tells us also, He sees sinners from afar, He does not fellowship with them but when they repent He opens His arms wide and draws them back.

      I also never judge anyone’s Eternal Destiny, they may come to heart repentance on their death bed but sadly theirs will be a wasted life with no rewards but they will escape the flames and so I pray for all those who are in darkness that their eyes will be open now not later.

      Thank you again A Servant – Christian Love from both of us – Anne.


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