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What Happened the Year you were Born???

  . Have you ever wondered what was going on in the World when you were Born, Wow I was amazed, they didn’t even have Google, is that really possible and Dennis the Menace and I Love Lucy were just … Continue reading

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Believing in the Evolution Theory causes Loss of Hope…..

Recently I subscribed to a Website that had good amount of  World coverage, they claimed they had the latest News and kept watch on other News outlets for error and as I no longer watch T.V or read most Newspapers … Continue reading

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Jesus Rescued His Lost Sheep…..

Saved by Grace My message today, is in part my personal search to find the answers I share with you in my comments and Posts, and how I found them to be True in my Journey with The Lord, some of them  I didn’t ask till … Continue reading

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View it here on-line – A Question of Origins

 Please click link  below for an amazing Scientific presentation by Scientists who are Christian, showing first  the unproven Evolution Theory then confirmation of our Awesome God’s Creation of the Universe in 6 Days… Many lives have been touched by this mind and heart changing presentation. … Continue reading

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