The Shadow Of The Cross

 In 1967 while taking a class in Photography at the University of Cincinnati, I became acquainted with a young man named Charles Murray who was attending classes as a student at the School and training for the summer Olympics of 1968 as a high diver. Charles was very patient with me as I would speak to him for hours about Jesus Christ and how He had saved me. Charles was not raised in a home that attended any kind of church, so all that I had to tell him was a fascination to him. He even began to ask questions about forgiveness of sin.

Finally the day came that I put a question to him. I asked if he realized his own need of a Redeemer and if he was ready to trust Christ as his own Saviour. I saw his countenance fall and the guilt in his face. But his reply was a strong “no.” In the days that followed he was quiet and often I felt that he was avoiding me, until I got a phone call and it was Charles. He wanted to know where to look in the New Testament for some verses that I had given him about Salvation. I gave him the reference to several passages and asked if I could meet with him. He declined my offer and thanked me for the Scripture. I could tell that he was greatly troubled, but I did not know where he was or how to help him.

Because he was training for the Olympic games, Charles had special privileges at the University pool facilities. Sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 that evening he decided to go swim and practice a few dives.

 It was a clear night in October and the moon was big and bright. The University pool was housed under a ceiling of glass panes so the moon shone bright across the top of the wall in the pool area.

 Charles climbed to the highest platform to take his first dive. At that moment the Spirit of God began to convict him of his sins. All the Scripture he had read, all the occasions of witnessing to him about Christ flooded his mind. He stood on the platform backwards to make his dive, spread his arms to gather his balance, looked up to the wall and saw his own shadow caused by the light of the moon. It was the shape of a cross. He could bear the burden of his sin no longer. His heart broke and he sat down on the platform and asked God to forgive him and save him. He Trusted Jesus Christ twenty some feet in the air.

 Suddenly, the lights in the pool area came on. The attendant had come in to check the pool. As Charles looked down from his platform he saw an empty pool which had been drained for repairs. He had almost plummeted to his death, but the Cross had stopped him from disaster.

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but
unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”
1 Corinthians 1:18.

 by Mark Renicker.

 The seeds we plant in Jesus’ Christ’s name will bear fruit for Eternity.

 Music – When I survey  the wondrous Cross

 *Please Note… One well know website on the Internet that checks the accuracy of Stories that are circulated by email, although claiming religious  allegiance continually  castes doubt on  the Truth of a lot of  Christian Stories. They do this mostly  without facts and going  by hearsay or their own agenda and  understanding. With  the story of The Shadow Of The Cross  they claim it is false in their write but use statements that have no relevance to the Story and are unproven such as what University Charles attended. The  University of Cincinnati often had Students from other local Colleges attend classes and use their  facilities which this website were not even aware of when they claimed because Charles Murray   was not enrolled at the University  the story is false .This website is alluding that Mark Renicker my Brother in  Christ Jesus is not Truthful and also that the sign of the Cross has no True significance. I take a Stand against this Slander and uphold the Cross and the Truth that Mark Renicker  shared.


About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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4 Responses to The Shadow Of The Cross

  1. Reading this I thought of John 15:16 “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you”. This was also true in my own conversion. It certainly had nothing to do with me. God is always in time and on time.


    • freedomborn says:

      Hi meetingintheclouds, thanks for sharing and it is true God has chosen us to be conformed into the image of His Son and to do the works He has planned for us to do by His forknowelage of our heart repentance, we don’t choose these but it is us who chooses to repent. God will never go against anyone’s free will, He did not force you but He did know when you would repent and the Holy Spirit was working in your life even if you were not sealed. God knows what our life will hold and works it all out for good no matter what we suffer or the hardship we experience. It is not His will that we are in pain or are hurt as He tells us in Scripture, and that He does not do evil to bring good out of it, this is slander.

      Christian Love Anne


  2. freedomborn says:

    Hi isaiah43123 yes the power of the Cross without doubt a power so great our earthly minds cannot fully understand only The Holy Spirit can open our eyes to see it fully.

    This is a True Story Isaiah43123 regardless of what Snopes or any other website says, they mainly agree with Snopes anyway. God told me this was not a made up Story and then I found proof on the Internet, God always confirms through His word or proven facts so we have no doubts. You can be assured I was not laughing when this man who says he goes to Church denied the Cross, as well as calling Mark a liar and without doubt God was not impressed either, He defends His own and The Truth always has more power then a lie.

    Christian Love Anne


  3. isaiah43123 says:

    regardless of this story’s accuracy, the power of the Cross cannot be denied!

    Keep the Faith, my friend!


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