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What differance does God make…

 A year in reflection…  I live in Queensland Australia, at the beginning of the year my home like many others was damaged by the flood waters but I was helped to recover what was lost and realised many cared. I … Continue reading

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2012 Contract

   2012 Contract After serious & cautious consideration… ( about a micro of a second ) your contract of friendship has been renewed for The New Year 2012! It was a very hard decision to make… So try not to mess … Continue reading

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Thank You My Blogging Friends for Comments not easily forgotten.

Hi my Blogging  friends it was a choice to continue posting or wait till January it seems I might need extra help so why not post and take the risk  and I feel this post is long overdue.   I have been … Continue reading

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Sorry My Blogging Friends – Update

    Hi everyone as you know I took the risk and Posted again, I wanted to thank you all and it was great for me to look back and  remember all  your uplifting and kind words of encouragement, thank you again. … Continue reading

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My Sister Anne – I Found Out Something Amazing Today

So how do I put into words this amazing fact that I found out about today, I’m still finding it hard to work through but I do not doubt that God has blessed me again in His desire to comfort and … Continue reading

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This is a Christmas Tree

   This  is a Christmas Tree     This  is a Christmas Tree                                                                 This  is a Christmas Tree This  is a Christmas Tree     This  is a Christmas Tree   These  are NOT  Holiday  Trees,  They are NOT  Winter Festival trees, They are NOT Hanukkah bushes  They are  NOT Allah plants!  They  are Christmas trees!   … Continue reading

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Snow Fundays

Click to enjoy – Posted with Love for Drusilla’s Grandson Michael –

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