Thank You My Blogging Friends for Comments not easily forgotten.

Hi my Blogging  friends it was a choice to continue posting or wait till January it seems I might need extra help so why not post and take the risk  and I feel this post is long overdue. 

 I have been blogging with you for almost 4months and I didn’t know any of you before except Dunia who set up my Blog and some Australian friends,  but now I feel like your all my family and of course you are Spiritually with us all being part of The Body of Christ but I feel close to you as you would a Brother or Sister.  I was wondering how could I feel this closeness in such a short time and then I remembered  the Scriptures that talk about the importance of Uplifting  and encourageing each other and I realised why you have had such an impact on me and anyone that knows me knows I don’t break cords of friendship with others even if there are Stormy seas.

So my dear Blogging friends I would like  to share the Scriptures that motivated this response and  your comments that you have written to me, they touched my heart, caused me to Laugh,  brought tears of Joy to me,  encouraged me to reflect more on our Awesome King of Kings and to continue His Kingdom work  and they started a glow that can’t be dimmed.  I would have loved to share many more of your comments but I was thinking another 20 Posts + might be just a bit too many  but believe me they are all written on my heart. Thank you for your Honesty, Sincerity, Compassion, and  for all The Love and kind words you have shared so freely and also a Big Thank You for all those who clicked Like!
Proverbs 16:24  Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.
1 Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

2 Timothy 4:2Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 

Colossians 2:2-3 That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in Love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

 1 Peter 3:8 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, Love as brethren, be sympathetic, be courteous.

 In Alphabetical  order

    alienhippy October 26, 2011 Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel so much like the Eagle born to chickens and it made me smile reading about him. God is so good! I am so grateful that He knows me and calls me. I am an adult with Aspergers syndrome and dyslexia. Autistic spectrum Disorders were not very well know or diagnosed when I was a child. I have always felt rejected, different and wrong, I’ve never understood why I couldn’t fit. Only through Jesus and those He has brought into my life have I started to learn that I am wonderfully wired, yes I am different but I am not less.Your post really helps affirm what God speaks in me. Love, hugs and blessing to you. Lisa. xx
Thanks alienhippy for your honesty and your acceptance of yours and others disabilities, I appreciate this greatly with being disabled myself.  
  Anicka September 7, 2011  Yeah, it is a pleasure to help. I know how hard it was in the beginning, I also got that issue when I started, but you will like it though. :-) Thank you, Anicka   October 11, 2011  Another good message Anne, :) I always wanted to thank God for everything, and not just wished and prayed for something. I believed in God, with all my heart.
Thanks Anika for your encouragement when I first started blogging and for your honesty in sharing your ups and downs on your Blog.
 April November 1, 2011 Anne, I can relate. The little cartoon character reminded me of me in times of frustrations with my email and blog site. Hang in there! It will all come together.  April  October 31, 2011 Love it! Love the picture of the dog. Reminds me of my new little family member, Smokey. Blessings to you and the new week ahead. April April  October 28, 2011   Thank you. I loved it. You are so thoughtful. Blessed to have our paths crossing via blogging. Many blessings to you this weekend.
Thanks April for your acceptance of me we all need to know we are people of worth.
 akcielo  December 11, 2011  Thank You for sharing this friendship award with me as well! I am a happy mother of 3 that enjoys life in Christ, family, and fellowship with faith friends all over the world. Thanks for the encouragement! Blessings sent your way! Huayni Akcielo.
 Thank you akcielo for  willingness  to Debate  and your acceptance of God’s Truth when confirmed.
 Bernadette  December 13, 2011 Thank you so much for offering it to me, and thank you for taking the time to read through my blog. God Bless you.
 Thanks Bernadette for your interest in the persecuted Church.
 bloggeryenyen  November 30, 2011 Thank you Anne:)
Thanks for keeping me part on your Christian blog as I need it always for me to remember things.:)Have a blessed Wednesday,Yen-Yen  
bloggeryenyen  October 11, 2011  Anne, I Love those animations they are cute and active.:)
Thank you Yen- Yen you are a Joy and you have a very interesting Blog.
 Brush Arbors  December 24, 2011  May God wrap His arm’s arround you in this hour of needed comfort…. Many blessings…. Bro Pat…
Thank you Bro Pat for your compassion when it was very much needed.

 byhisgrace211  December 23, 2011  This is really beautiful. I shared it on my FB page. God Bless!

Thank you byhisgrace211 for your willingness to aim for fullness and maturity in The Lord despite the setbacks.

 camary1996  November 30, 2011   Thank you for your Christian Love and care. I have been so blessed to be making new friends after losing many due to my illness. God’s love spreads like butter through the friendship of others.May the Lord bless you for all the kindness and encouragement you have shown to others in Christ. XOXO Tanya.

 Thank you Tanya  for you kind and caring words which you are always willing to bless others with.

 CMSmith November 9, 2011  It brings a tear to my eyes. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks CM Smith  for your willingness to share your thoughts and feelings.

 Connie Wayne  December 13, 2011   I have one sibling sister whom I dearly love, and we spend quite a bit of time together. Like you and others, however, I am grateful for all my sisters in God’s family. Thanks for posting this beautiful article and for the love and wisdom you share with others. Blessings.

Thank you Connie I look forward to sharing with you more on your Blog I appreciate your Honesty and passion.

 Corri  November 28, 2011  Wow what a great story – Hebrew 12:1-3 is another good verse about running in your own lane and using your God-given strengths and talents to overcome all adversity. Thank you for sharing.
 Thank you Corri you have been a blessing to me  it has been  good getting to know you and thank you for  your links.  

 dd16591569 November 29, 2011  Very creative .. :) Love the photos and your thoughts too

  Thanks Dunia for setting up my Blog and dashboard  and for encouraging me to start a Blog.
 Debbie  October 13, 2011   Anne – This is such a sweet sad post. C.S Lewis believed that animals went to heaven – Maybe Petal is waiting there with licks of love for you
  Hi Debbie thanks for sharing,  it’s good to focus on something uplifting  as you do .

 Dolly Bosch  November 3, 2011  To Anne isn’t it great how God talks to us and shows us his love and grace? I can see that he is talking to us through the Powerpoint, messages and blogs that you have created. I am proud to call you my friend.  

 Thank  you Dolly my  faithful friend you haven’t let me down once in  over  25 years how very blessed I am to know you as a Sister in The Lord through the good and the bad.

 Dicky  November 28, 2011   Very well said.
 Thank you Dicky for some great leads.
 faithandstagefright November 21, 2011  This is an absolutely beautiful post – So glad God brought me to your blog this morning, because this is exactly what I needed to focus on today. Thank you!
 Thank you faithand stagefright for your encouragement and discernment.
 Drusilla Mott  December 18, 2011  Annie, Thank you for the reminder that we need to unite into one loving body that works together for the Lord. As far as the card – I love it. Thanks for posting this.  Drusilla Mott  December 3, 2011  /  Edit  OH! And by the way, I will NOT catch, clean or cook any fish! So if that thing that is sticking up out of the front is Tom Sawyer’s fishing pole, you can get rid of it!!!!!! :-P 
 Drusilla Mott  November 4, 2011  Annie, I love this … and you used my picture too! Thank you for sharing this. I don’t know what there is about old barns, but I love them. Maybe it is curiosity, wondering about all the things they have ‘seen’ as they stood in the weather. These pictures are beautiful, and the story is so wonderful. Praise God for His love, His grace, and for preparing us for what is to come. Drusilla Mott   December 21, 2011   Hi Anne. I agree with Terra about the way people pick and choose what they want to accept and what they want to change from God’s Word. Interesting post, and I can see the differences in the way these comments continued to go back and forth. Me, I like to leave a comment and move on — don’t like the long, drawn-out back-and-forth conversations that just keep going; but that’s just me. :-D
 Thank you for your friendship Dru it has been a great encouragement and  blessing and I’m very grateful also for all your help in getting started.
 fromtheheartofj  December 12, 2011  Truly a wonderful post. Yes sisters in Christ are a gift beyond measure. a treasure! Thank you Anne for spreading the love of sisterhood to so many. You are a true blessing!
Thank you fromtheheartof j you too have uplifted and encouraged me greatly.
 hscraig  December 28, 2011  Hi!!!!! Anne!!!! You have such a wonderful testimony! we have a few things in common but most importantly we are united in Christ! Thank you for your amazing blog and true words. hscraig  December 27, 2011  Sorry to hear about you troubles Anne, I hope they get them fixed soon I love reading your blog!! Praying! In Christ,
Thank you Scott you too have a wonderful testimony it shouts out loud what a Loving Awesome God we have.

 isaiah43123   December 15, 2011   WOW! A great and mighty post! How different our relationships would be if viewed through the dart test instead the all-about-me attitude. Merry Christmas!  isaiah43123  December 3, 2011  Looks to be a wild ride. :D Thanks for the laugh.

Thank you isaiah you have been such a blessing with your mmmm and with your support and encouragement

 Jeanne Webster December 8, 2011   Thanking the Lord for all his grace and mercies upon each one of us. Your life is but one example of his saving power and overall plan for our lives, despite our circumstances. One of beauty, sad, yes, but beauty, precious beauty. You shine and shine, Anne! Shalom Jeanne Webster  November 16, 2011   LOL! I knew this was going there but it’s still a funny story! Loved it. Passing it on too. :)

Thank you my dear friend Jeanne for all your prayer support and your acceptance always of me as a person of worth.

 Jeffrey Miskell   November 8, 2011  I really like this.Thank you Anne.  Indeed it does Anne. I find writing soothes my soul like no other.

Thank you Jeffrey for your Loving , compassionate heart reaching out to others to uplift and comfort them.

Jessie Jeanine  December 8, 2011   What a beautiful way to support one another and show some love! Thank you so much for offering it to me as well and I am honored. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and can’t wait to share more in the future. Many blessings to you my sister!

 Thank you Jessie you are such a warm caring person and have been a wonderful support to many.

 Joyce de vivre   December 28, 2011  Hello Anne,Thanks for updating us with your situation and so sorry to know about this problem. I believe the WordPress team will help you as they have fixed some of the problems I’ve encountered before. I admire you for being true to God and to us. Even though we can’t see each other face to face to blogging, I believe we should always be honest as God’s children. Thank you for never tiring to share your posts with us and I pray that you can post again soon :) God bless! Hugs, Joyce.
 Thank you for your Honesty too Joyce, in your encouragement  and in your sharing, I know if you say something you mean it and that is a great reassurance , if we can’t Trust each other we can’t have Unity. 
  nicole mugford /  December 26, 2011  Hey Anne! Thanks for commenting on my blog with the encouragement of Romans 8:28 – That too is one of my favourite verses that has kept me from falling in the deep end many times. I am enjoying your blog and also reading a fellow Australian, Don’t seem to find many Aussie Christian Bloggers. As a 19y/o I appreciate your wisdom and encouragement, Keep going strong for the Lord. Yours In Christ Nicole.
Thank you Nicole it was a blessing finding your blog too,  for a young person you have a lot of maturity and wisdom,  Americans are awesome too and so are some of the other Bloggers, you will enjoy meting up with them.
 Lady Deidre  December 10, 2011   I’m praying for you, Annie. You’re a dear sweet person — God will wrap you in HIs loving arms and comfort you!  

Lady Deidre  November 5, 2011  Don’t feel bad about the spiders, just mash and go! I hate to tell you this, but I awoke to a scorpion crawling across the terminal floor. You need not worry though! I have captured him into a trusty coffee can. Worry Free, Dei

Thank you Lady D,  what a blessing you are, enjoyed  the Laughs and  your great Blog and I’m very thankful  for your prayer support, but please forget the spiders next time you focus your camera.

 lambskinny  November 1, 2011  Love it! I’m a speech pathologist and dyslexia — just in case you think I think this — is NOT a sin! In Jesus’ glorious kindness, Carley lambskinny  October 28, 2011   Anne – a common problem for many. People who’ve been hurt tend to hurt. Abused children grow up to be abusive adults unless the cycle is broken. May we each learn to treat one another gently and with loving-kindnesses. Amen. Thanks, Carley lambskinny  October 21, 2011   Amen, Anne. Forgiveness is the oil that takes care of all our squeaky, rusty cracks and crevasses. Carley
Thanks lambskinny  for your support and encouragement of  those who Blog and the little extras you do to show they are appreciated.
 LeRoy Dean Monday, September 24, 2011  Anne: I appreciate you. I have left comments on Sunday’s blog and Monday’s 26th blog should be interesting. Your Brother-in-Christ, Keep the Faith,  Monday, September 26, 2011  Thanks for your kind words regarding “The Letter.”I get very few negative comments. When I do I respect the right for that person to have whatever opinion they like.
 I blog what I believe God places on my heart. Your Brother-in-Christ, Keep the Faith.
 Thanks LeRoy for your help when I first started  Blogging, I’m sorry I accidentally deleted your comments on my Blog along with a few others and also a few early posts so I  just copied a some of your e-mail comments so you wouldn’t be left out.
 lilrennygirl  November 29, 2011  Those colours on those birds are completely awesome. It reminds me of a beautiful God given rainbow after a summer shower or thunderstorm. It also reminds me that despite what I go through and on my down days God has placed a rainbow there for me when it is over to enjoy.
Thanks lilrennygirl it’s been great getting to know you and I look forward to sharing for with you’more in the future.
 loopyloo305   December 27, 2011  So sorry that you are still having problems, Anne. Hopefully they will be fixed soon. Please do not worry too much, we will still be here and we all have problems at one time or another. Loopy
Thanks loopyloo305 for your concern both for me and others you have a very caring heart.
 meetingintheclouds  October 23, 2011   Hi Anne I have read a few of your posts. We have a few things in common but the greatest of these is our love for our Saviour and our desire for all to know, love and serve Him. I will be visiting here again when I have more time.It is good to “meet” a fellow Queenslander here. meetingintheclouds  November 4, 2011  An old story, but like most old stories, it contains a lot of truth and a lesson for many. meetingintheclouds November 4, 2011 If all Christians followed this, there would be more Christians, but sadly unbelievers do not see much difference.
 Thanks meetingintheclouds I appreciate that your share God’s Truth regardless of the rejection you may get… you are indeed an Aussie,  always  right out front.
 mtsweat  November 22, 2011  Amen, Anne! If we could just get this right, how much more awesome our world would be. Jesus calls us to edify, to lift one another up. It’s much too easy to find all the faults in others, because not only do we all have them, but they stick out like sore thumbs. But as your post so greatly describes, it takes effort to be an encourager. But it is well worth it! Thank you, this one made my day. God bless. mtsweat  October 20, 2011  What a wonderful remembrance of your sister and to all those who have faced and walked (and are facing and walking) through this preying disease. Thanks for reminding us Anne, there is much to pray for, and many to comfort and encourage. God bless you friend.
 mtsweat   November 1, 2011   Great words, Anne. Thanks for sharing these wonderful truths in form of an excellent analogy. God bless.
Thank you my friend mtsweat, you are indeed a wonderful encourager, and  it’s been a blessing sharing in your heart focus on your Blog  thank you again for being always willing to uplift others.
michaeldthomasphotography  November 20, 2011   Very inspirational, and I love the way you told this story.On a side note; I was going to recommend your site to my friend Dunia, but it looks like you already know her!

Thanks for sharing your great Photography Michael and for your encouragement. 
   Michael December 23, 2011  Hi Annie, This is Dru’s grandson Michael. Thank you for the card. I really liked. Merry Christmas. 
Thanks Michael,  your Thanks  for the card  was like receiving a present, how kind of you to say so, I  look forward to sharing with you again.
     Nancy Hoiaas  September 23, 2011 loved the “eagle story” reminds me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull! BEST WISHES on your new blog and may the Lord bless your efforts and your words as you wisely write what is on your heart… take care, anne, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.. and i will also be praying for you.. congratulations on your perseverance to get this far… Christian love.
  Thanks Nancy you have blessed me greatly with your butterflies and your prayer support.
 Nitoy Gonzales   November 30, 2011  thanks Tita Anne…
 Thank you Nitoy for the respect you showed an older woman.

 notsamson November 28, 2011 Love the story, where is the question about what she did wrong and the role play you spoke about?     
  Thank you notsamson for your honesty, a lot of people who have doubts and fears because of their understanding of God, don’t express them as you do and those on your Blog, a good Scripture is 1 Corinthians 2 it explains why people get so confused.
 nuvofelt   October 7, 2011  God so loved the world…… If only more people would realise that truth. Pride is the most awful of sins. It removes us from the very heart of God who would accept absolutely anyone. This is a lovely post. nuvofelt  October 6, 2011  Amen, Anne, we are all precious to Him.
Thanks nuvofelt for your strong stand for the Lord I’m always blessed by what you share.
  pasmen  December 18, 2011    This is awesome.”Christ was Love indeed!” My Christmas will be meaningful as I will meditate on this and share with my friends. Great Post pasmenDecember 20, 2011     Wonderful!Wonderful!Wonderful! God bless you for blessing me with this.
Thank you pasmen  I  always enjoy sharing with you and I very much appreciate your humble spirit.
pureheart33  December 6, 2011  Awe inspiring and amazing! Thank you for sharing this story of GODS power and grace. It confirms that GOD will take the most unlikely and unqualified to bring HIM glory by showing His GRACE. HE does it everyday.  pureheart33   December 1, 2011  This brought me to tears. This is truly what love is. Thank you Anne

Thank you pureheart for expressing your  focus, the true heart words we speak show the purity of our soul and spirit.

 robinb333  October 22, 2011  /  Anne this is such a wonderful message! I’m going to share it on my Facebook page of Christian Coffee shop. It fit right in with the post I had written. Absolutely loved it…You are such a blessing! You have a wonderful site and I definitely enjoyed my cuppa this morning. I’ll be back this evening for another…:D Christian Hugs and Love…Robin 
 robinb333  October 19, 2011   How great is our God!!!!!! Sing with me!!!! How great is our God!!!! What a beautiful post!!! Thank you dear Anne for sharing…..Outstanding!!! Lot’s of Christian Love…..Robin
Thanks Robin my friend what a wonderful support you have been look forward to sharing again.
 Robin Lawrimore December 6, 2011   Beautiful word picture. The truth of “he became the creature that God had made him to be” is one that many take most of their life to realize. To know Him and to be known by Him, as His one of a kind design – that intimacy with Him is the utmost and worth the journey. Thank you.
Thank you Robin you too have some beautiful word pictures the intimacy with Him is the utmost and worth the journey.
 Roger Tharpe November 12, 2011   Great wisdom and encouragement for the times when we are waiting.
 Thank you Roger your encouragement to many is a great blessing.

  Ron December 18, 2011  Thanks for the story Anne, really good ,one letter making a difference. The joy that Christ brings is a world of difference. Cannot be equalled anywhere, he makes all the letters of our lives worthwhile. Ron  November 2, 2011   Thanks Anne ,it`s like developing a friendship, you know that they are with you in every situation , even though not in person. What a faithful God !

 Thank you Ron for all your support with my Blogging, for offering suggestions, advice, checking my comments and my Posts for me, it has been very much appreciated and has helped me keep focused even though I was having a lot of technical problems with it.

 Simon   October 26, 2011   I can’t see the problem with this… It’s obviously been to one of those horrible car places, you know a detailer. 


Thank you for your help Simon and your time in explaining about websites and blogs.

   Spirit Sisters  December 9, 2011   Wow ! That took a lot of time to put together. I was so blessed in reading this. Marie                      

Thanks for your appreciation of the work needed to apply animation I’m looking forward to sharing more with you on your Blog.

 starsworth  October 11, 2011   I finally got a chance to look at your blog. That was a very compelling story, about the changing of the waters of adversity. I like your page and the way it’s all laid out, and I’m glad I stopped by. God bless

Thank you starsworth for sharing what challenges your life on the street presented and how you overcome many obstacles.

 Steven Sawyer  December 4, 2011   What a story! What a blessing for you to be supporting such valuable, sacrificial work for the Lord. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about. I pray that God will continue to knock down walls that get in their way so they can continue to do this valuable, needed work.

 Thank you Steven for your heart for Children in need.

 sugarbellekids November 20, 2011   Beautiful Story! Every day in every way we should live out John 3:16. If we do, when the time comes to share, John 3:16 has already been illustrated in our lives, attitudes, and behavior. Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Thank you sugerbellekids for great advice.

“Surviving the Storm Blog”   November 22, 2011  Thank You for sharing your story with me. I am touched and it moved me to a greater level of gratefulness. I added your Blog to my Blogroll and I hope that even more people can glean from your wisdom. Jillian

Thank you Surviving the Storm Blog for all your support and for some very uplifting messages.

 the arrested son November 10, 2011  Wow a very lovely and touching blog you have! Thanks a lot for this! Blessed! :)
Thank you The arrested son for your great Blog for young people
 Terra Newsome December 24, 2011  MERRY CHRISTMAS Anne! Thank you for being a good friend to me as we have come to know each other. May the blessings of the Lord rain down from heaven upon you. In abundance, all things you set your mind to do in Christ Jesus be done. Christian love to you my sister,Terra
 Terra Newsome  December 21, 2011   Hi Anne!  This post was very interesting yet leaves me to pray even more for people who are blinded to truth; either by their own deception or that of someone else’s words that is dressed in sheep’s clothing. How ignorant people can be of the mind to pick and choose what suits them best instead of taking the word of God as set in stone with no room to give people a reason to make changes to suit them. Before we all became Christians, we too we blinded to the truth and conviction was not there. Thank God for the Spirit tugging at the heartstrings and we giving way to let Jesus come in and change us for the better. Glad you had a great time when you did visit America. May one day we cross paths, but if not, I’ll see you in heaven! God bless you for the friendship that I do cherish. Much sisterly love in the Lord, Terra
Thank you my caring friend Terra, for your Prayer support your encouragement,  Love and uplifting messages

   The Bible Man  September 30, 2011   Wow! I finally found you! What a beautiful blog! What a pure hearted, beautiful writer and person you are too. There is a wealth of inspiration and wisdom within your posts. I am both honored and blessed to read them. The Bible Man  November 3, 2011  Your graphics have a way of getting the points across like I have never seen. Great post

 The Bible Man  October 15, 2011   Wow! You are such a creative writer! This post even had my girlfriend Wendy laughing. I am blushing. Thank you for such kind words.

Thank you The Bible Man and Wendy for presenting  a great looking Blog and for your honesty in  sharing your ups and downs.

Velta Maes /  September 19, 2011  Hi Anne, Write what is in your heart. Most people really want to know about your life and why you thought it important to have a blog. I love you, Honey, I know God will direct you. Love and hugs, Gramma Velta Velta Maes   October 12, 2011 Hee Hee,Stacked the deck on us, did you? You are my role model. Love you,Gramma Velta.

Thank you Gramma Velta, your support and your wise advise has been very uplifting.
 Vivienne Youngberry   October 13, 2011   Hi Anne, I have hopefully managed to log in using my Facebook account. I know this story on Petal, and it touches my much now as it did when you first told me. I am so blessed with the pets I have had over the years, the joy they the bring and the love they impart is wonderful. How much greater is Our Creators’ love for us, as He is Love. So glad you are my friend, and that we are sisters in Christ. Take care Vivienne.

Thank you my dear friend Vivienne, it seems strange talking to you on the Blog when we  had Dinner not so long ago … you’re a wonderful friend.

Wayne Augden   November 2, 2011  It never ceases to amaze me how God takes the terrible and often tragic things that happen to us and makes good come of them. What a blessing you are, Anne. Wayne Augden  November 14, 2011  Hysterically funny! My funny bone has certainly been tickled. :)
 Thank you Wayne for being willing to express your  feelings honestly and for your great sense of humour.
 The Woman At The Well December 24, 2011 This is a reblog from Freedomborn  Anne my sister in Christ, She has kindly offered it for free to anyone who would wish to have The King of Kings Friendship Award
 Thank you W.A.W for your patience and your caring heart.
  wordprocessor   November 28, 2011   Thank you, Anne! This is a sweet gift :) God is so good to us to give us wonderful friendships! May His love flow through us and His Name be high and lifted up!! God bless you, my friend and sister in Christ. Keep shining for Jesus! He loves you so much and is so proud to have you in His family.
 Thank you wordprocessor for you prayer support and your words of encouragement.

About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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14 Responses to Thank You My Blogging Friends for Comments not easily forgotten.

  1. Ron says:

    thanks Anne for the comments


  2. Lady Deidre says:

    Wow! And I think the awards are a lot of work. You really outdid yourself this time, Annie. By the way, I’m in the mood to take pics of those scorpions I’ve placed in my trusty coffee can, but don’t worry, I’ll be quick about! 🙂
    Your sister in Christ,


    • Freedomborn says:

      OK OK Dei I cant stop you from taking photos of those yucky critters ( sorry beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder …. of a camera ) but can I make a wee suggestion Dei, have you ever thought about bigger critters like puppies and kittens or maybe even birds ? … No! not vultures thank you! perhaps sparrows, but if you must focus on smaller critters what about butterflies or Christmas beetles but just in case you can’t keep away from the yuks! please take your photos a long way away from your Computer I don’t want them visiting me like the Spiders again … they have now taken over my bathroom.

      Love Smelly Annie


  3. Velta Maes says:

    Thanks so much, Anne,
    For these encouraging posts gathered from our friends. I believe our major reason for being born is to be encouragers to others. May God bless you and all our blogging friends during the coming year.
    Love you all,
    Gramma Velta


    • Freedomborn says:

      Dear Gramma Velta, you do not realise how much I look forward to your uplifting words and wise advice and I Love calling you Gramma Velta, I have never had anyone that I can look up to as a Gramma, thank you for allowing me to have this Joy.

      You are right, as the Body of Christ we are to uplift and encourage each other with our Love, support, comfort and even correction when needed… Love is an Action not just a word even though it is indeed a powerful word too…. For God so LOVED The World and in His great and Awesome Love and Compassion, He sent His only Son to set us free and give us an awesome future and not just after we die but it was so we can soar now even in the Storms of life.

      Love you Gramma Velta… my Gramma in the Lord, Annie


  4. isaiah43123 says:

    Anne, this is a wonderful treat to wake up to this morning. Very uplifting! No matter what is done to your blog, no one can take away the difference you make! Have a great day!


    • Freedomborn says:

      Thank you isaiah43123 and I can say the same, many mornings as the Storms of life threatened to overwhelm me I would read the comments of my Blogging family and be uplifted and comforted, I know it was how God encouraged me not to give in to my worries about the problems and hurts I was experiencing …it seemed for every attack there were 3 comments to uphold me.

      You are and have been from your first comment on my blog a real blessing not just to me but others, thank you for being you my dear Sister in The Lord.

      Christian Love Anne.


  5. dd16591569 says:

    Dear Anne.. the credit all go to you .. you have done a good job with your Blog and that is because you are talenetd and love sharing the word of God .


    • Freedomborn says:

      Thank you for your kind words Dunia but it would not have been possiable without your help anyway with you looking after the wild critters now, I have much more time to create.

      Relived Annie.


  6. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    Beautiful post and what a great idea. You are very creative, all the great things everyone said about you, you deserve to hear. God Bless.


    • Freedomborn says:

      Thank you for thinking so theWomanAtTheWell, and for your kind words, I have been greatly blessed by everyones uplifting words and they have been a great encouragment to me with just being new at Blogging but so has their words of wisdom and advice which I shared also because of their faithfullness to stand up for God’s Truth, perhaps others will take the time to visit them on their Blogs and be blessed like I have, It is wonderful also to remember that those who encourage and support and even correct if needed their Brothers and Sisters in the Body of Christ are being faithful and obedient to God’s guidlines just like you are.

      Christian Love Anne


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