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Easter New Life

The First Easter after I started Blogging I found that the Story below really touched my Heart as I’m sure it will yours. Most of my Adult life I have been involved with Children in all different Ministries including Mentally … Continue reading

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Joy in The Sun

  Some days just don’t go as planned and yesterday was one of those days, it was a Blah day,  it reminds me of the Poem below that I wrote and shared many years ago, it explains how to bring … Continue reading

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Who do we Listen to God or Man

  God’s Truth comes first not a Man or Woman’s fleshy understanding no matter how good they relate what they think or how convincing they sound or who they are, if what they claim disagrees with God’s Truth as confirmed … Continue reading

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Will We Know When Jesus Is Returning

  Yes we will know when Jesus is returning even though some have been in error predicting His return before but they were wrong because all Prophesy had not been fulfilled when they said Jesus would return. Today we can … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Christmas Symbols

Christmas is a Celebration and Thanksgiving for  God’s greatest Love Gift Jesus, Emanuel God with us! without Christmas there would  have been no Easter or Freedom for us. Scripture clearly shows that December was the month of Jesus’ Birth (see … Continue reading

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The Red of Christmas

Originally posted on janjoy52:
Christmas colors!? It is said the red of Christmas is for the blood of the cross of Jesus.? You might react negatively to this statement.? You might think “Why spoil the fun of Christmas with such…

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Did Jesus gatecrash your last Christmas Party?

Dear Loved Ones, As you know, may Birthday is Celebrated on Christmas Day. This is the same every year, the Celebration is in my honor. During the time before the Celebration many people are shopping for gifts, there are radio … Continue reading

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