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Our Fathers Love Letter

Click to enjoy –  Father’s Love Letter- Softly Spoken… If you don’t have a Power point viewer this link is for a free one that you can download then click and enjoy a Fathers Love  –http://www.freewarefiles.com/Microsoft-PowerPoint-Viewer_program_24404.html

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Angels, Satan, & Demons

Originally posted on By His Grace:
Angels are created spiritual beings.  They have not always existed but are part of God’s creation of the universe and are part of His Purpose.  Angels are “spirits” without physical bodies yet are highly…

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Surfing the Blogs

 Hi again my Blogging friends, yesterday I shared how I do my Devotions with you and also about  Aussie Blogging, I hope they helped you to understand  a bit more about how I Blog, today I’m going to share how I Surf … Continue reading

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Urgent Prayer Needed

Lee one of our Blogging friends needs our Prayers for his Brother who is dying, I will briefly explain the situation.   Lee’s  brother has been given a few days to a few weeks to live, he was rushed to Hospital … Continue reading

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A Nano Second In Time

Our Lives on earth are but a Nano Second in Eternity.It’s not as important what our circumstances present,  we only have to read the Apostle Paul’s recordings in the Scriptures, what is important is who is with us in them. Click to … Continue reading

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Oh No, Mo Joe!

    Mo Joe looks like this little boy now. Mo Joe our new  furry friend, has been with us for a few months now, his coat has grown considerably like that of the dog in the picture above.  Mo Joe is very … Continue reading

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True Friendship is made in Heaven

 You Are Special In Someone’s Life!   Friends are those ones we turn to when our spirits need a lift and they know we are there for them too and will see them through…    Friendship is a gift we Treasure encouraging and uplifting each other through the … Continue reading

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