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Does God Willingly Allow Pain and Suffering?

Below is an explanation I received of why God allows Pain and Suffering but does He willingly?… As a Man was having his hair cut and his beard trimmed in Barbershop they were talking about various subjects, when they eventually … Continue reading

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Are we Aiming to be Perfect …….

  Can we be Perfect in this Life and can we know and understand God’s Truth fully, God tells us we can and this is confirmed in the Scriptures below but He is not referring to worldly perfection which keeps … Continue reading

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“Are you a Nobody?”

Recently someone called me a Nobody, it didn’t concern me too much at the time, I know Jesus didn’t die for Nobody so I must be a Somebody, I also learnt a long time ago that name calling shows Childishness … Continue reading

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Life’s Olympic Games…..

Today I would like to share a Power point I created to Thank Ron, who is my Top Commenter and has been for years, this is not surprising with him being my husband but he also has a genuine interest … Continue reading

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