The Poison Darts


Holding onto bitterness and resentment and seeking revenge is like mixing poison for those who have hurt us but drinking it ourselves, just like Cancer it eats away all the goodness in us.


The Story below shows the other Soul destroying result of holding onto these negative emotions instead of forgiving, does this mean we have to accept the wrong said and done as OK ? No! but we don’t pollute ourselves or seek revenge, we ask Jesus to help us forgive and if given the opportunity we show we have, remembering hurt People hurt People and need our Compassion and we than move on in Love.

The Target…….

One  particular day, Sally walked into the College and knew they were in for a fun day.

On the wall was a big Target and on a nearby table were many darts Dr Smith told the students to draw a picture of someone that they disliked or someone who had made them angry, and he would allow them to throw darts at the person’s picture.

Sally’s friend drew a picture of someone who had stolen her boyfriend. Another friend drew a picture of a woman from another Country who she didn’t think measured up and one of his little brother. Someone else had a picture of a person who had upset them on their Blog. Sally drew a picture of a former friend, putting a great deal of detail into her drawing, even drawing pimples on the face. Sally was pleased with the overall effect she had achieved.

The class lined up and began throwing darts. Some of the students threw their darts with such force that their targets were ripping apart. Sally looked forward to her turn, and was filled with disappointment when Dr. Smith, because of time limits, asked the students to return to their seats. As Sally sat thinking about how angry she was because she didn’t have a chance to throw any darts at her target. Dr. Smith began removing the target from the wall.

Underneath the target was a picture of Jesus.  A hush fell over the room as each student viewed the mangled picture of Jesus; holes and jagged marks covered His face and His eyes were pierced.

 Dr. Smith said only these words… “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” Matthew 25:40 

No other words from them were necessary; the tears filled eyes of the Students focused only on the picture of Christ. Author unknown.

Matthew 5:43-45  Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy Neighbour and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you Love your enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you; That ye may be the Children of your Father which is in Heaven for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Love and hate can not co-exist,  they are not in Unity we  can’t have Love in our heart while ever we hate someone and without Love the Holy Spirit can’t fill us with the rest of His good fruit. Galatians 5: 22-25.


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More Answered Prayer


I had some more good news during the week, I had a consultation at Redcliffe Hospital for my shoulder that I had damaged when my Mobility Scooter overturned on top of me (see link below) they are not going to Operate now, my shoulder has improved greatly and the pain is significantly less, I have excises to do to strengthen both my shoulder and arm and they now feel this will be sufficient.




Thank you for all those who Prayed for me, your Faithfulness is such a blessing.  I have been in intense pain on and off for months and with being left handed it made it worse, it meant mostly what I did with my left hand and arm caused pain but now there it is much less pain and sometimes none at all and I no longer wake up in pain at night.

I used God’s Balm (see link below)  which helped greatly but at times the pain became acute again especially when lifting or cleaning or when I was unable to use God’s Balm because I was not at home, I was concerned that an Operation would be necessary so I’m so grateful it will not be needed now.

God’s Balm-

As we  take the time to Thank our Abba Father for His Love and Mercy which is never ending, let’s remember those we know who are still suffering and pray in Faith for their Healing too.

Are you in Pain, do you need prayer ? please let me know and we will Pray for you too.

Thank you again for your Prayer Support – Christian Love and Many Blessings Now and Always – Anne.



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The Dangers of Yoga


Although I was delving into the Occult before I became a Christian I have not personally been involved in Yoga but I have seen the demonic results of those who have been and also Christian Testimonies damaged by what seemed harmless and beneficial exercises but are in Truth dangerous Pagan rituals to their gods leaving the Soul polluted.

But let’s remember Satan is defeated in a Christian’s Life, God protects our Soul, if we have been involved in dangerous practices  we Pray as King David did (see below)  with assurance God will set us free and purify us, conforming us into the image of Jesus.

Below is a link to  Beth Eckert’s Blog and part of her warning against Yoga and the Occult.  Beth is a courageous woman who was also involved in the Occult before becoming a Christian, she now contends with God warning others of the dangers of Yoga and other Occult practices. Beth’s warning comes from Love offering protection to those who blindly seek harmony through Yoga knowing they will only find disillusionment and Bondage.

Beth’s Warning.……

Practices such as Yoga, meditation, channeling energy, tai chi, kung fu, karate, acupuncture, mantras, mandalas, reiki and feng shui are all based on these spiritual teachings or principles that incorporate the gods and goddesses or the channeling of energy. All gods and goddesses are false gods aka demons. There is only one God, and He is the One who created the heavens and the earth. Any other “god” is like Satan; looking to become like god in order to gain power and control over humanity.

As I grew in my relationship with Jesus Christ I understood that Yoga was a spiritual practice to invite demons in. What I did not realize was that I was taught to use Yoga to channel demons into my being during satanic rituals as a child.

During one of my sessions that I have weekly, the Holy Spirit revealed to me how Yoga was used in satanic rituals. Each specific Yoga pose has a purpose in opening you up to the alignment of your spirit and soul with different deities. It is channeling the kundalini spirit through your spine, said to be the lifeline of your body……..continued on Beth Eckert’s Blog link below.


Psalm 94:16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?(KJV)

We remember when we do stand up against Satan’s evil practices, we will often be abused or contradicted by those he has blinded and are in darkness.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the dangers of Yoga,  Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


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A Wonderful Answer To Prayer


Thank you to all my Blogging friends who Prayed for me, let’s Praise God for His wonderful answer to your heart felt Prayers. Thankfully I do not have Bowel Cancer and the Bleeding has stopped too, there will be further checks but there had been no recent bleeding, I’m home now and feeling much stronger and Thanking God for His Love, Compassion and Healing.

Just before I was picked up to go to Hospital a close friend who looked after me when I came home after the Procedures, had been Praying and shared that God was with me and to Trust Him even if I was worried.

smiley-1We often share the Smiley face on Cards and with gifts even on a Birthday gift funny tea-shirt, it reminds us we have a lot to be Thankful for even in the hard times and we can rejoice that we are God’s Children and He Loves us and is with us.

When I was waiting to go into Surgery and feeling a bit apprehensive I looked at a Notice board in the Preparation room and it had lots of Smiley faces on it, Wow just what I needed!

I’m still amazed perhaps lacking faith I thought because of Dad dying of Bowel Cancer I would too, yes I was ready to go and had Peace but another friend Prayed for me and said God has work for you to do you will recover and amazing I have.

Recently I was thinking about how God has Healed me over the years and shared about this with a Cult Member that I sometimes talk to or her friends as they witness for J.W,  she claimed that God does not Heal or do Miracles today but that Satan can Heal when he wants to deceive but the Scriptures confirm both of these assumptions are in error.

God is the same Yesterday, Today and will be Tomorrow, He does not change like shifting shadows and He is the only Healer regardless of the Tools He uses, such as Medicine, Doctors, Science, Natural remedies or He may Heal Miraculously, God can only do good and yes to be Healed is very good, Satan only does evil, even if sugar coated.

Job 5:9 – “He performs Wonders that cannot be fathomed, Miracles that cannot be counted.”

Psalm 145:4-6 One Generation shall Praise Thy works to another and shall declare thy Mighty Acts. I will speak of the glorious Honour of Thy Majesty and of Thy Wondrous Works.

John 10:10 – The Thief comes only to Steal and Kill and Destroy, I have come that they may have Life and have it to the full.

Isaiah 5:20-21 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil that put darkness for Light and Light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight!

Do I hate Cult Members, I have never hated anyone in my life regardless of what they have done to me but just as God hates the evil that is spoken or done, I do too including the evil I have said and done that hurt my Abba Father.

I believe most Cult Members are seeking to serve God and Love who they think Jesus is but they are being taught error and this is because instead of asking for God’s Wisdom and empowering and believing they have received them and than Trusting Jesus to lead them into all Truth, they are Trusting in Carnal Man. Let’s Pray for them to come out of darkness, that their eyes will be open and they will see The Light.

Thank you again for your faithfulness to Pray for me, Christian Love – Anne.


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Update – Prayer Needed


Thank you my Blogging friends for your Prayer Support, I very much appreciate your faithfulness. Today I go into Hospital for the two Procedures that hopefully will find out why I’m internally bleeding, the preparation for these was very intensive and I’m feeling very weak.

I apologize to those who have visited and commented or if you have recently started following Freedomborn, I will respond to you all when I’m feeling stronger.

Thank you again – Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne.



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Our New M&M

micky-5This Month has been a month of surprises some of which I will also share about on my next Post but one that I give heartfelt Thanks for is Micky my new M &M furry friend.

I was shopping and noticed a home wanted advertisement for a 4 year old little Foxy cross dog, I phoned the owners and they brought Micky around to see me, Wow he was cute, we became friends right away, he looked very much like a Foxy than as his hair was shaved, see below, it’s growing back now as you can see in the Photo above, I’m not sure what he is crossed with but he is very active.

The couple who owned Micky were elderly and found that they could not give him the attention he needed. Micky had been very cruelly treated as a puppy and was in a Animal Refuge and than a few Foster homes, yes he has emotional problems that will take time and Love to overcome but we are friends now and that makes a big difference.


Mo-Joe has accepted Micky, although they don’t play together yet they are not aggressive towards each other and even sit together sometimes. They do have things in common, they love food, balls, walks and yes hugs and kissels too.

Below is a message I received by e-mail about the joy of having doggy friends, I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did and will recognize how True it is if you also have furry friends.



dog-toys-8My house would not look like a Day Care Center, toys everywhere…

All flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and cars

would be free of hair.

I could sit on the lounge and my bed the way I wanted, without taking
into consideration how much space several furry bodies
would need to get comfortable…

baby-gateMy house would not be cordoned off into zones with baby gates or barriers
and it could be carpeted instead of tiled and laminated…

vetI would not be on a first-name basis with 5 Veterinarians, I really feel like
one of their family, I visit so often.

I could walk around the yard barefoot and in safety. I’d look forward to spring and the rainy season instead of dreading ‘mud’ season.

doors153When the doorbell rang, it wouldn’t sound like a Kennel and I could get to the door without wading through fuzzy bodies who beat me there…

The most used words in my vocabulary would not be…

Out, Sit, Down, Come, No, Stay, and Leave him/her/it Alone!

monty-8I could have a Shower without an Audience…

My pockets would not contain things like poop bags, water bottles treats
and an extra leash.

765I would have money… and no guilt trips about going on a real Vacation and
coming back when I was in the mood…

monty-9Wash day would not include little furry bodies…

I would no longer have to spell the words…

B-A-L-L, F-R-I-S-B-E- E, W-A-L-K,

B-A-T-H, T-R-E-A-T, C-A-R, B-I-K-E, G-O,

R-I-D-E, C-A-T.

mony7I would not have as many leaves Inside my house as outside.

I would not look strangely at people who think having a dog or cat
ties them down too much…

I would not have to answer the question ‘Why do you have animals?’
from people who have never enjoyed the closeness of animals,
or been blessed by their loyalty, trust and appreciation…

I would be missing out on a lot of Happiness if I could not share my life
with my four Legged Friends, I give thanks for them,
they are a real blessing.

Author Unknown


I hope you enjoyed “If I didn’t have dogs” I can sure relate to it’s message but than I do have dogs my M&M’s, which I Thank my Abba Father for.

Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


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If We Love God We Will Keep His Commandments

Thank you StopAndPrayTV for sharing this Powerful Message based on God’s Truth and giving a firm foundation on what it means to Love God.

Mark 12:30-31 And thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind and with all thy strength, this is the first Commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt Love thy Neighbour as thyself. There is none other Commandment greater than these.(KJV)

Christian Love and Blessings  – Anne.


10 Commandments

In a January, 2015 interview in GQ magazine, basketball superstar Kevin Durant talked about his personal spiritual transformation after learning about God’s love from Pastor Carl Lentz.

He explained that he once lived with the fear that, “If I do something wrong, I’m going to hell. I felt like I had to follow the Ten Commandments.”

“But,” he continues, “we don’t live by that no more. We live by the blood of Jesus. That’s how I feel.”

Now, I sincerely hope that what he meant was this: “I used to live in constant fear of an angry, vengeful God who was watching my every move, out to get me if I broke a single commandment a single time, with the penalty of hell hanging over me all the time. Now, I realize that Jesus died for my sins and gave me a new heart, so I serve God out of…

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