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For those who Claim Jesus was not Resurrected

Satan as we know is the father of Lies and one that is Propagated today and was when Jesus was Crucified, is that Jesus was not Resurrected. So how do we know He was, yes He is in our heart … Continue reading

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Easter New Life

The First Easter after I started Blogging I found that the Story below really touched my Heart as I’m sure it will yours. Most of my Adult life I have been involved with Children in all different Ministries including Mentally … Continue reading

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Blessings for Australia Day

The 26th of January is a very Special Day for all those who Love Australia, for myself and many others it is a Day to Thank The Lord again for the beautiful Country that we live in. Below is the … Continue reading

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Blessings for the New Year

The New Year message below I originally received and shared years ago, it really encouraged me to look ahead and not backwards, I thought those who follow me now may also be blessed  by it’s Uplifting focus that never dates. … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday

Today is 26th of December in Aussie Land and it’s my Birthday, being Born on Boxing day or I should say Night, I was born at Midnight, they say that means the Moon is under my feet? does have some … Continue reading

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Aussie Mother’s Day

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia for Mums who are to wonderful to forget but I would like to say Thank you to Mums all over the World who give unconditional Love and Sacrifice for their Children…. Thank … Continue reading

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We Remember Our Soldiers

Today 25-4-2016 is Anzac Day in Australia and we remember the Sacrifice our Soldiers made for our freedom but I would also like to remember the Sacrifice all our Soldiers have made or are making regardless of their Nationality and … Continue reading

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