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Update by Ron…..

Thank you everyone for your concern and regards for me, knowing your praying is very touching and appreciated very much. I won`t know much more until I meet with the Oncologist next week but my Doctor thinks the Cancer came … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Monty Update

To fill you in with what’s happening with Monty, a blessing for us has been that we were able to bring him home yesterday afternoon. Simon our Vet did a wonderful job and we are so thankful for his knowledge and compassionate care of Monty … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner- Remembering The Anzacs

 Hi everyone, thank you for thinking of Anne, she is very grateful for your concern and prayers. Anne took forever to comment on a Blog last night using her right hand, so has now decided to rest until the swelling, bruising and … Continue reading

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Anne has had an Accident

Hi everybody just letting you know and asking for prayer for a quick recovery for Anne.   Unfortunately she had a nasty fall and badly bruised her arm, thankfully it was not broken, but will take up to ten days for … Continue reading

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Rons Corner – Temptation

Temptation Just for a while I thought to look at one angle on temptation that we will experience as we seek to be complete in Jesus Christ.   The dictionary says of temptation : A testing designed to strengthen or … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Miracles Happen!

 Miracles are as important today as they were in NT times and they were recorded  by the Gospel writers 37 times ! In Acts 19.-v.11 And God wrought special Miracles by the hands of Paul: 1 Cor 12.v- 10-11 Paul says the … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Who is it that God uses?

This amusing story below tells us that being stubborn and rigid is not how we are to be.   “Two people drove their cars towards each other on a very narrow road, so narrow you couldn’t pass. One put his … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – A Reflection On Mother’s Day

  As Mothers Day is approaching, I thought a few words on “Special Mothers ” is needed as they are a Blessing.  I was  fortunate  to be raised by my Grandmother, on my fathers side, from the age of 12. I … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Deck of cards

  Today remember Anzac Day in Australia. Australia takes time out  to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country and those who still serve.   Australia had  1.OOO.OOO of her population of approx 7-8 million ,in uniform and seeing 40-50 … Continue reading

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Just in Case You Were Wondering…..

There seems to be some confusion with Ron’s identity an error with Google Profiles could be responsible for this, perhaps I inadvertently caused this to happen, who knows for sure, Technology is not my highpoint but let me assure you Ron is Ron … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Your Name

  A Williams from Collingwood Melbourne wrote … we live in a semi rural area and we recently had a new Neighbour who wrote to the Public Works Dept with a request for the removal of the Wombat Crossing sign on our … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – 3 Awards

                 Three Awards- Genuine Blogger Award – Candle Lighter Award – Just Kidding Award I would like to thank Anne my wife  for presenting me with these Awards I appreciate how she seeks to include me in her  Award Nominations, I’m … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Be prepared to be heard

My neighbour knocked on my door at 2.30 am this morning. Can you believe that? 2.30 am ? Fortunately for him I was still up playing my drums!      I was reading Acts 28:1-10 Pauls shipwreck and landing safely … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Blessed

This week my message will be a bit different but I hope it will help you see beyond the ordinary to the greatness of our God,  I wish to do this by telling you about Anne and some of the many … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Eavesdropping

Overheard in an Orchard Said the Robin to the Sparrow “I would really like to know, why these anxious human beings. rush about and worry so.’ Said theSparrow to the Robin “I think that it must be, they have no … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner – Magnify The Lord

As kids we decided to duplicate one of mankinds greatest discoveries. We found we could make fire using a magnifying glass, some dry grass clippings ,some dry newspaper and a hot sun . The latter we had plenty of in … Continue reading

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Words of encouragement from Ron’s Corner

 City of Jerusalem from New Testament Times, Damascus Gate  Hi everyone,  I mentioned in my last post, about encouragement, well the master of that gift was Barnabas. Saul`s conversion was so quick that he had a problem of credibility. No sooner … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner ( High Five )

Ron’s Outlook is now Ron’ s Corner  and they say it’s only woman that change their minds,  anyway what ever it’s called it’s  Ron’s Space  so he can call it whatever  he wants … I think his reasoning was… it’s not … Continue reading

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Introducing Ron’s Corner

Hi all my Blogging Friends  I would like to introduce you to Ron who will  be Co Blogging  with me… Ron or as he also  affectingly called Stonnie by family and close friends has  always been there to encourage and support me on … Continue reading

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