My Wonderful and Traumatic Christmas Ups and Downs

This Christmas has indeed had it’s ups and downs for me but I Love the remembrance of the Birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and to me regardless of what others do,or don’t do, in my Heart because of God’s Awesome Gift of Love to us, it’s a wonderful Season of Love, Joy, Peace and Hope and yes it’s foundation needs to be remembered everyday of the year.

But unfortunately in the last week I have also had two Accidents, one on my Mobility Scooter that had a surge of power and accelerated into a wall causing me to be thrown off and to be wedged between the Scooter and a glass door with almost no hope of help with it being Sunday the 24th and everything around the Office front where the Scooter and I were was closed. I also could not be seen from the Highway just the Scooter but amazingly after praying I was able to free myself, fix the seat that had been twisted from the impact and drive home even though I was in extreme pain, the bruising on my back, left arm and leg is very extensive but nothing is broken. 

As they say it doesn’t rain it pours and yesterday I tripped over a pillow while carrying groceries into the Kitchen and this caused server swelling and bruising on my left Knee, I’m still in pain but once again I think it is just bruised.

But  than something very special has also happened this Christmas, my new Home has many Palm Trees, two different types but no flowers only a few potted ones although I hope to plant and pot some more in the New Year.

I missed the flowers and prayed about them thinking perhaps I would receive some and yes I did in an unexpected way from a Woman at Woolworths and than surprisingly a big Tree in my Neighbours yard at the back of my Duplex burst into big orange flowers they were beautiful and I saw them every time I drove up my  driveway and yes I Thanked God for them too.

Than on my Birthday the 26th, the day after Christmas day, one of my Palm Trees for the first time since I moved into my Duplex, produced beautiful White flowers as you can see below, I had not seen them there before and also did not know what they were, although they looked like Snowdrops, so I checked the Internet and below is what I found. 

Yucca gigantea rises 30 feet high in ideal conditions, with white blossoms that push out from the center flor de izote as the bloom is sometimes called, it’s the National flower of El Salvador.

 Many species of Yucca produce edible flowers but the giant Yucca also is prized for its Ornamental qualities.  The stalk that produces flowers will die back but the plant will continue to send up new pups and side spears that will flower. With maintenance a single giant Yucca will produce a dramatic thick stand of plants.

The Spring bloom usually comes around Easter and the petals find their way into seasonal cooking. Gardeners from Central America and Mexico where the plant originated treasure the crunchy white blossoms in scrambled eggs, pupusas and tacos.

 Like all Yucca, gigantea is drought tolerant and easy to propagate from new pups which come up at ground level. The plant attracts few pests but can be killed by rot that comes with over-watering.

All parts of the plant are useful the smooth spineless leaves for their fiber, the roots as a soap, the seeds, fruit and stem as food. The flowers are prized most, crisp and tasting somewhere between artichokes and asparagus. After removing the bitter center bulb containing unopened buds the separated petals are boiled for five minutes.

Wow what an amazing flower and a wonderful Birthday present, it’s also the National flower of the Country were Darlyn the little girl that I support with Compassion lives.


Thank you my Blogging friends for taking the time to share the ups and downs of my Christmas and Birthday, may God bless you greatly for your Faithfulness to take an interest in others.

 Christian Love – Anne ( Grannie Annie)



About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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25 Responses to My Wonderful and Traumatic Christmas Ups and Downs

  1. bjsscribbles says:

    Hey! my friend, I haven’t been around. But you are always in my thoughts we shared a lot on the phone. Thinking a great deal about where my life is going, wondering about my writing and where it is going. Such a beautiful song I know it well. Christmas always puts me in a dark place. I’m doing my best to escape it and bring back the true meaning of Christmas in my heart.

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    • It’s same for me Bj, your often in my thoughts and always in my Heart, I value your friendship very much. I also Thank God for the very dear and Special friends I have and your one of them.

      Your writing Bj is unique to you and always offers assurance because you share your Hope in The Lord and I’m sure it Blesses those who read it as it does me.

      But if your still concerned about your focus perhaps my latest Post Bj will help you, it’s short and sweet but has a Powerful message, the YouTube Song on the Post brings God’s Truth to us very clearly and of course the Scripture too.

      Christian Love Always and God’s Blessings,
      Anne (Grannie Annie)


      • bjsscribbles says:

        I went to church for the first time over Christmas in my life and enjoyed my time with God. Finding the truth of God was so meaningful. Yet it takes a great deal to lift you out of the darkness. I am okay now.

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        • I’m pleased Bj that you enjoyed your Christmas Church Service, I love the Carols too and they have God’s Truth if we seek it as we seek Him.

          Blessings – Anne.


          • bjsscribbles says:

            There is so much negative impact that comes from my family it makes it hard being the only one with feelings for the Lord

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            • I understand Bj I went through the same with my Mum and Brothers and Sisters some were into Buddhism but we do not know what seeds are being planted, one of my Sisters on her death bed Repented and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour even though she had rejected my sharing about Him over the years believing like I use to that He was just made up.

              Remember your Faith Bj is more powerful than their disbelief, God knows those who are His and not One will be lost, Jesus brings back the Lost sheep.

              Christian Love and God’s Blessings,


  2. Oh Anne… I hope that you are really okay from the accidents you’ve had. To find joy in your beautiful flowers was such a blessing. I hope that 2018 will bring you good health, and much joy. Diane xxx

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    • Thank you for your Loving Concern Diane, I have been in a lot of pain but it is much less now, as I shared before it is amazing how I was able to get up and travel home without any help from others. When I have fallen at home in the past it has taken me hours to get up as my knees are damaged and because of the Arthritis that has made my feet, shoulders, hands and arms very weak but God gave me strength to push myself up from the ground and also calmed me so I didn’t panic. He also gives us the desires of our heart when they are in agreement with His Good Will for us, all the flowers were so Beautiful.

      Christian Love Diane and God’s Blessings – Anne.

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  3. FreedomGrannieAnnie says:

    Even in the hard times we can see God’s Hand of Love and His Blossoms always have a Beautiful Fragrance.

    Blessings – Grannie Annie.

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  4. Cristina says:

    Hi Anne,

    I am sad that you had to experience 2 nasty accidents. I pray you are recovering well. How awesome and loving is our God taking care of you and blessing you with beautiful flowers. He is our joy and our hope in all things. Blessed be His Holy Name.
    Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you today.

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    • Thank you Cristina for your Loving Compassion and yes God has indeed showed me He is very close.

      I will need further Medical care and may have to have X- rays etc as I’m still in pain when I stand up or walk, there is extensive and deep bruising but I don’t think anything is broken but we will see.

      Thank you for your Prayers Cristina and yes God hears them because they come from your Loving and Faithful Heart that always seeks Him and is also shown by your Love for others and not just in words but in actions too.

      Christian Love Cristina and God’s Blessings,
      Anne ( Grannie Annie)

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  5. chomskyweb says:

    It is well Anne. Sorry to hear that. Godbless you and give you all your heart for the new year

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  6. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this! I pray you heal quickly! And I’m thankful that God took care of you, allowing you to get home safely. I pray that your New Year will be blessed beyond compare!

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    • Thank you Lynn for your Loving Compassion and Heart felt Prayers and yes it is amazing how I was able to get up and travel home without without any help from others. When I have fallen at home in the past it has taken me hours to get up as my knees are damaged and because of the Arthritis that has made my feet, shoulders, hands and arms very weak.

      God has helped me before Lynn and much more than once and of course in more ways than I know but this time it was in a very different way, He gave me strength to push myself up from the ground and also calmed me so I didn’t panic.

      The beautiful flowers X3 just confirmed His Love and provision are always with us through all the ups and downs life brings but also that He gives us the desires of our heart when they are in agreement with His Good Will for us.

      Thank you again Lynn, you are indeed a Blessing from God and not just to me but to many others and I have no doubt about this when I read your Post Messages and your uplifting and Loving Comments on your Blog and on others, I’m very Thankful our paths crossed.

      Christian Love Always,
      Anne (Grannie Annie)


  7. fromianscorner says:

    You TRIPPED OVER A PILLOW!! Lol! Love it 🙂 Thank you for making me smile!! God bless you Granny 🙂


    • The Pillow didn’t think it was funny!

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      • fromianscorner says:

        Hey Granny Annie 🙂 You do know I was laughing ‘with’ you – not ‘at’ you??? I worked as House Manager for nineteen years with older people and I have a v British soh… but not everyone ‘gets me’!! I could have been an Ozzy – come over on the boat as a ten pound pommie – but my mum wouldn’t sign the adoption papers… so my foster family sailed away without me. My Beth has been to Oz several times. Thought she might settle there but she got homesick. Alas, too far for me to travel. God bless you and your scooter!! Amen and Amen!! Ian 🙂

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        • Thank you for clarifying your focus Ian but I find it very hard to laugh when I’m in pain and I no longer wear a Mask pretending all is well when it’s not. I also remember how God tells us to have Compassion like He does when someone is hurting and not to take it lightly as confirmed in the Scriptures below and also with the other Bloggers who commented on this Post.

          But I am sorry Ian to hear about you loosing your Foster Parents, I too was Fostered before I was Adopted but my Birth Mother didn’t care less what happened to me, she was happy to see me go but Jesus became my Best Friend, I will leave a link for you below the Scripture it will explain how this happened in more detail.

          Romans 12:15 Rejoice with them that do rejoice and weep with them that weep.

          Galatians 6:2 Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfil the Law of Christ.

          2 Corinthians 1:3-5 Blessed be God even The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Father of mercies and The God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ.

          Matthew 11:28 – 30 Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

          Isaiah 43:1-3 – Do not be afraid for I have ransomed you I have called you by Name you are mine. When you go through deep waters and great trouble I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression you will not be burned up the flames will not consume you. For I am the LORD your God The Holy One of Israel your Saviour.”

          Jeremiah 29 :11-12 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you says The LORD thoughts of Peace and not of evil, to give you a Future and a Hope.

          Lamentations 3: 33 For God doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the Children of Men.

          Childhood –

          Blessings – Anne ( Grannie Annie)


  8. lwbut says:

    Thank you for your New Year wishes, Anne.

    Nice to see he’s keeping watch over you – even if in ways most would not recognise.

    Blessings for 2018. 🙂


    • Thank you IwBut, I very much appreciate your insight and yes you are right as I shared with Lynn when I have fallen at home in the past it has taken me hours to get up as my knees are damaged and because of the Arthritis that has made my feet, shoulders, hands and arms very weak. God has indeed helped me before but this time it was in a very different way, He gave me strength to push myself up from the ground and also calmed me so I didn’t panic.

      I always Love the flowers that you share IwBut on your Blog and I thought of them when I saw the flowers God gave me and I Thanked Him for yours too.

      Christian Love Always,
      Anne (Grannie Annie)

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  9. Red Letters says:

    Oh my goodness, Anne, that sounds absolutely horrific. I’m so glad you’re okay!
    That flower is indeed beautiful.
    Blessings for the New Year.
    Hayley 😊💕

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    • Thank you for your Loving Compassion Hayley, I have a lot of catching up again to do but I hope to visit you soon, I have saved your resent Posts.

      The flowers were a wonderful Blessing and reassurance for me that I’m Loved and wanted, yes sometimes because of my Sinful past I feel I’m unworthy and useless but than I remember we all are, it’s only because of God’s great Love and Mercy that we are of immense value to Him and to others. He lifts us up and equips and empowers us to do His Good Works that He has prepared in advance for us to do, Wow we are needed too!

      Hayley what do you Think of the Song below, does it touch your Heart like it does mine?

      Christian Love Hayley and God’s Blessings,
      Anne(Grannie Annie)


      • Red Letters says:

        Bless your heart Anne, you have such a kind and loving soul.
        You are very much loved, wanted and appreciated and God still has much work in His kingdom for you to do. 💞

        ‘You raise me up’ is a beautiful song and is one of my Dad’s favourite songs so it holds a special place in my heart. I can understand why it speaks to you.
        Music is a powerful tool and when used to worship God is even more powerful. It brings us into His presence and we experience joy, peace and fulfilment like no other.

        Glad you’re okay.
        Blessings for the New Year!
        Hayley 😊💕

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