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A Picture Forever Etched in My Mind

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Our van rushed through the crowded streets of Port au Prince. We were trying to get to our destination of Mother Teresa’s Children’s Hospital by 3:00. We had been told that if we didn’t…

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God’s Shoulders are Big Enough for All of Us

  Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been commenting on your Messages as often as I usually do and that I have also not Posted except for the two Re-blogs by Bill and Peter, both of these … Continue reading

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Unity In Marriage

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Do you and your spouse think alike all the times? In a married relationship, many of us expect our spouse to think alike but end up frustrated when it goes the other way. When…

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Uniquely Chosen

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original artwork by R. “Rusty” Russ Did you know that tigers have a hidden code in their stripes? No two tigers have exactly the same pattern in their pelt. Each tiger’s markings are as unique…

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God’s Creation of Animals -Just love those Doggies…..

. God’s Creation of Animals is awesome as He is too but He has a capital “A” I love all Animals but would rather not have some as Pets, I can’t imagine a Croc on my lap or taking one … Continue reading

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False Teachers – Prophets – Cults – Wolves At The Door!

Wow isn’t that a bit hard, “Wolves at the door!” do we  question God’s inspired words or His guidelines, including those that warn us of danger, No we take them to heart and act on them when needed. Matthew 7 … Continue reading

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Friends With Jesus …..

Jesus Calls Us His Friends How wonderful you are Lord Jesus beautiful beyond compare no words can describe your greatness or how much you long to share. Deep in your heart is a longing to draw us close to your … Continue reading

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