Halloween and my Funday Schools…..

Halloween 1Halloween like all evil is something God forbids it comes from evil Pagan rituals and mythology and changing the costumes worn that signifies it’s focus or changing it’s name does not change it’s evil intent which is all about the Occult, Satan’s Playground.

Deuteronomy 18:10-11 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.

Ephesians 5:8-11 “For you were once darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord. Live as Children of Light (for the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness, righteousness and Truth) and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

Galatians 5:19-21 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Right and Wrong 1Although my own 7 Children are in Heaven and I look forward to being reunited with them one day, I have been very blessed in being able to share the Joy of other peoples Children in my life, through friends Children, my Jobs and in Christian Ministries.

As a young adult, I was a live in Children’s Carer in an Orphanage for 4 years where I trained also as a Pre-School Kindergarten Teacher and later I became a Governess. After marrying Ron I ran Play groups for the Church, helped care for Children in Creches, taught Sunday School, Scripture and R.E. I ran my own Funday Schools, Ron and I also cared for Children for five years from one Parent families with an Organization called Aunties and Uncles, which was a real blessing,  Ron also has Grandchildren Nick and Roby that I Love greatly.

Today I want to share with you about how my Funday Schools started when we moved to Queensland, it may surprise you.

Halloween masks
Where we use to live there were quiet a few Children in the Neighborhood, most I knew, one afternoon about six of them knocked on my front door, it was Halloween and they were doing trick a treat, they were all dressed in evil costumes and some wore just as evil masks but those I could see had big smiles, of course they asked for treats. 

I explained to them that although I would not give them a Treat that day if they came back the next day I would, one of the Boys asked me why, I told them that my Best Friend Jesus didn’t want me to have anything to do with Witches, Demons, Vampires, and Dead people etc or to even think about them because He Loved me and didn’t want me to be hurt, they seemed to accept this OK and moved on to the next house, I don’t think they really understood but a seed was planted that brought good fruit.

Yes they all came back the next day, wanting the treats, which I happily gave them, as we were talking, another Boy asked if I would tell them more about my Friend Jesus, and the others excitedly said they wanted to know about Him too, they must have been talking. I said I would have to ask their Parents which I did and they all agreed, most knew me although not accepting what I believed, they were tolerant, two Mothers even claimed to be white witches but trusted me to be kind to their Children.

So Funday School started, which is what one little boy wanted to call it and yes it was fun both for them and me, some of the Children brought their friends and so in the end I had over 10 children coming to Funday School until we moved.

In the new Neighborhood there were also Children and two of the young girls after seeing my Power point about Disneyland, focusing on Friendship and Jesus, asked me if I would tell them more about Jesus too, so after asking their Parents, Funday School started again, and it grew as the Children asked their friends to come, it had been going for about 2 years and I had 14 Children and a Teenage helper, who was the older sister of one of the girls, when once again it was Halloween.

The Children asked me about trick or treat, the year before I had been in Sydney and so it was not discussed. I told them the same as I had said before, I believe we need to be always honest about what we believe with Children, they will remember. 

But after telling their Mums what I had shared, a few told their Children I talked a lot of rubbish and would not allow them to come to Funday School anymore, they had organized Trick a Treat with the other Mothers in the area and didn’t like my rejection of it and so at that time Funday School stopped, it did start again a year later but I still had problems with a few of the Mothers who rejected Christianity and viewed it as a threat and yes me too and they had a strong influence on the other Mothers.

Thankfully the Children still come to see me for a short time and I have treats and little gifts for them which they enjoy and I appreciate being able to still show kindness to them, we often talk about Jesus and their good and bad times, most come from Non Christian – dysfunctional families.

But there was a sign and wonder that God did just before Halloween for the Children, of course He knew what would happen later, but even so they have no doubts now that the God of the impossible I told them about is real, some who were there still talk about what happened with Petal, if you would like to read about this amazing confirmation of God’s Love for them and me, click the link below.

Petal – https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/the-miracle-of-little-petal/

Philippians 4: 8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Thank you for listening Christian Love – Anne.

About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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11 Responses to Halloween and my Funday Schools…..

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  2. bjsscribbles says:

    Your funday school is great for the kids teaches them right from wrong great work.


    • I have been greatly blessed too BJ sharing with the Children in Funday School, they bring me so much Joy.

      This afternoon I went to visit the Mother of 4 of the Children in my Funday School, the younger ones all ran to meet me calling me Grannie Annie and trying to all give me a hug at the same time, they were so excited to see me, Wow who cares about the hard times when your Loved like that.

      Thanks BJ for your encouragement, I’m looking forward to reading your Aussie Posts.

      Blessings – Anne.


  3. Ron says:

    Yes Anne the Funday School really was a hit with the kids of the area, lovely to see the affection they have for you and the respect they still show you. Although getting some lollies doesn’t put them off but not referring to Halloween!

    Good that that word of God is so powerful, it sticks in young minds, as evidenced with some of the children. Petal really touched their hearts.



    • Thanks Ron for your Love and Support and your encouragement in all my Ministries, I have indeed been very blessed by Funday Schools, it still amazes me how they started and you know how much the Children mean to me, I Love them all, they are my heart Babies.

      Do you remember Jody the Mentally Challenged woman that lived across from us, every thing was pretty to her and that should be our focus too, not joining in with Satan’s ugliness, how sad that even some Christians do this too, it shows were their heart is, they are very Carnal and worldly but than so were we once, and God Loved and forgave us.

      Love you very much and always will – Anne


  4. Patty B says:

    What a beautiful idea – we used to celebrate Halloween decorations and all but as my faith in Jesus matured and my love of our Father grew I no longer decorate nor celebrate. Tonight we have our bible study leaders meeting so not only will we not be home but we will be spending our time with our Lord!! woo hoo!!! At leaders meeting we spend the time in prayer, study and worship to equip us to lead the study on Monday night.


    • Hi Patty, I don’t think this message will have everyone thinking it’s a good focus but as you shared the closer to The Lord we are the more we know His heart and the more we want to please Him , not hurt Him and for us to focus on evil gives Him heartbreaking grief and sorrow because He knows we will be hurt and lead deeper into Satan’s Trap.

      Thank you Patty your such a faithful Blogging friend, I feel Joy every time I see your picture and read your comments, my only regret is I can’t come to the Bible Study with you, I can’t think of anything more uplifting to do on Halloween or any other time but I will be praying.

      Christian Love Always – Anne


      • Patty B says:

        You have such a heart for God! Even though we have the internet to keep us connected, it would be nice to be closer to have long chats over tea. What a way to spend an afternoon, God, tea and good fellowship!


        • No! it will be God, coffee and and good fellowship! I never drink Tea, Lol but it would be great Patty just to sit and share together, perhaps one day I will come to America and we can do just that, do you have room for Ron and our two furry friends too, or perhaps you would like to visit us and bring a friend.

          Do you have a Land line phone Patty, I would love to hear your voice, e-mail me if wanted but just in case your wondering I don’t have an accent Ron and all my Aussie friends said so.

          Christian Love Always – Anne.


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