Life Happens – I’m on the mend

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 Hi Friends, thankfully I’m on the mend, I have Blogged a little over the last five days but not as much as I would have liked to. I’m very grateful that Ron filled in when needed and he will respond to the rest of the comments on his Post soon.  I hope to catch up now that I’m not in so much pain, thank you for your concern and prayers.
I’m very committed to Blogging and feel it is a wonderful blessing to be able to share our heart focus together and our Love and Faith in response to our Awesome God but I’m also very aware that there will come a time when we all will not be able to, we will be stopped.
So let’s not give up but reach out and plant seeds for the Kingdom,  without blindly endangering or compromising our Faith by becoming friends with the world and agreeing with what God tells us is evil…When we agree with evil, we will eventually do it.
Dog - Puppy Moving Head
Life Happens, so how did my accident happen, I slipped as I made a mad dash to my Scooter before our Mo – Joe found the gate open, he has no road sense  but Mo- Joe was more interested in my laying awkwardly on the footpath in the backyard then the open gate, no doubt  confused and  wondering why I was lying there and not on the bed but he stayed with me till somehow I managed to get up and continue on my way. 
doctor9 I felt I should still keep my appointment  with the Doctor especially as Ron was not around or my Neighbours and I may need help, half way there I was in extreme pain and my arm was swelling but I made it. 
Doctor Checking X-RayAfter my trip to Hospital for ex-rays, and feeling rather tired and worn out, thankfully I was able to go to bed which seemed to please Mo – Joe, as I was back where I belonged but I was amazed that there were no broken or chipped bones, although there were lumps and bumps, swelling and bruising, and actuate pain, so it looked very much like there would be but only the bruising and grazed skin remain now. Our bodies are indeed a wonderful gift from God and I’m so thankful for His healing, I’m so much better and can continue Blogging fully with you all again sooner than expected.
Heavens gate
 Not that I was thinking about going to Heaven right now but how wonderful that we will not suffer in any way because there is no tears, pain, or death, there is only Joy in Heaven.
Letter JLetter OLetter Y Of course if we are not Joy we have a problem since there will indeed only be Joy in Heaven and no one else, perhaps we can ask her if she will save a place for us, so if you want  your name in the Book, I will pass it on to her to give to our Awesome  Boss.
Well now I will have Joy as my companion in Heaven and Peace and Eternal Rest in Jesus Christ.
Thank you once again for your Prayers, they were very much appreciated and I’m sure they were why my recovery went so well, God listens to and answers our prayers when they are from our heart. 
Christian Love from both of us – Anne

About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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16 Responses to Life Happens – I’m on the mend

  1. I hope and pray foryour fast recovery my friend. It is hard to get hurt and all the medical stuff we have to go through because of it. But God is good and he is our healer. Love to see the joy in your words and images. You are truly amazing. Take care.


    • Freedomborn says:

      Thank you Island Traveler, it is good not to be in pain as I type now, that alone gives joy but knowing others care is very special and gives joy too. Yes God is so very good to all of us, thank you for your kind words and I think we are all amazing, He created us that way, but you show a concern and Love for others that is amazing and it reflects the importance of responding to others in Love always, you are a blessing to us and many others. I think being under your care as a patiant would be very special, nurses are born not made.

      Christian Love from both of us – Anne


  2. Brian Hurley says:

    So glad to hear you’re on the mend. Will continue to pray for your continued and complete recovery.


    • Hi Pastor Brian, what a lovely surprise, I hope your visit means your blogging again, your messages had life in them, they were real, I appreciate very much your warm caring wishes even if your not blogging.

      I’m much better, yesterday I used God’s Balm when I took the bandages off to shower and the pain has almost gone but I will do so again today. I rarely use pain killers now but I do pray, it’s much more powerful, so thank you greatly for your prayers.

      Christian Love from both of us – Anne


  3. jesusmyjoy says:

    how are you sister


    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi Betty, thanks again for caring your very thoughtful. I’m trying to respond to the Posts I have received but need to rest my arm and wrist from time to time so it’s slow going but I enjoy Blogging so I perservere.

      I will visit you soon so put on a cuppa 🙂 Christian Love – Anne.


  4. Ron says:

    Hi Anne, good that you are back doing what you really love doing, blogging, take good care and no more nasty frights with falls. Our good Lord had His hand over you of course and we give our thanks to Him that you have recovered.



    • Anne says:

      Thank you Love for all your care, God knew when you would be needed and so you were there to help and you were not away somewhere when they called you from the Doctors to take me to Hospital how wonderful as you shared is our Awesome God but it was still your choice so my darling thank you again, I do indeed need your care and protection and your wonderful support with my Blogging.

      Christian Love Always – Anne.


  5. eliveleth2013 says:

    So glad it wasn’t worse and that you are on the mend. Love you!


  6. robind333 says:

    Your in my prayers Anne and I pray for a speedy recovery. Many, many blessings to you and Ron….Robin


    • Thank you Robin for your faithfulness, like the others you have taken the time to show you care and you will be blessed for doing so. I appreciate your Blogging friendship very much and because you have suffered Robin, you can feel for those who also do, not that God causes us to suffer so we will care for others , it is always our choice but Life happens and God works everything for good in our lives even our suffering.

      Deep compassion comes from adversity but our choice to remain faithful and committed comes from the empowering of The Holy Spirit when we choose to Love as God does and we will when we walk in Christ Jesus.

      Thanks again, Christian Love – Anne.


  7. Grannie Annie! 🙂
    I’m so excited to know that you are much better now.
    God indeed answers prayers!
    I’m glad to know that you found relief faster than you expected. Your improvement will continue to be rapid until you are completely sound.
    Ron did a good job. It was another opportunity to enjoy his straight-to-the-point responses.
    I’m sure the patient jug endured your absence without complaining! 🙂
    Thanks for having us in mind, inspite of the pain you were going through.
    We can’t wait to have you fully back!
    Get well quick, Grannie Annie!


    • Thank you dear Son, you encourage me greatly, yes I still have some pain when I type and so I’m resting my hand more and I also have bandage supports but my spirit is high, I’m thankful to you and the others that showed you cared and as I said to Robin you will be blessed for doing so. Faith is shown in actions and God shows His Love for us in actions too.

      As for the Jug, I have a new one, I took your advice, thank you but I’m still worried about the Toaster the toast does not pop- up when it’s cooked, perhaps it’s too patient and is waiting for me to return but does not realise I’m there already, it must have blinkers on 🙄

      My friend Joy laughed when I told her she would be the only one in Heaven because God tells us there will only be Joy in Heaven but I told her to save a place for you too and my other friends because you bring me joy and you can’t have too much joy on earth or in Heaven. So pack your bag and get ready to go Son, time is short!

      Seriously though teeceecounsel, many people today have lost the gift of pure Laughter and even reject clean fun shared with humour but perhaps there is a time for it. God tells us in regards to unconfessed sin, if we take it lightly then we are to be serious and come to heart repentance but sadly those who continue to sin have heaviness in their spirit and their humour is evil, which means so is their laughter, often it is cruel and disrespectful.

      Thanks again Son for sharing your joy – Christian Love – Granny Annie


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