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Onward Christian Soldiers…

A House Church in a city of the Soviet Union received one copy of the Gospel of Luke, the only Scripture most of these Christians had ever seen. They tore it into small sections and then distributed them among the … Continue reading

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God’s Priceless Treasure

God’s Priceless Treasure   Have you ever made, painted, designed or invented something that has given you great joy and a feeling of accomplishment.   Painting, writing, pottery or craft can be very rewarding because although we start with raw … Continue reading

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Life Happens – I’m on the mend

Catch – up…                                                         Hi Friends, thankfully I’m on the mend, I have Blogged a little over the last five days but not as much as I would have liked to. I’m very grateful that Ron filled in when needed and he will respond … Continue reading

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Ron’s Corner- Remembering The Anzacs

 Hi everyone, thank you for thinking of Anne, she is very grateful for your concern and prayers. Anne took forever to comment on a Blog last night using her right hand, so has now decided to rest until the swelling, bruising and … Continue reading

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Anne has had an Accident

Hi everybody just letting you know and asking for prayer for a quick recovery for Anne.   Unfortunately she had a nasty fall and badly bruised her arm, thankfully it was not broken, but will take up to ten days for … Continue reading

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Light in the Darkness…..

  We sometimes find in life  that the one person who we thought would never let us down does, but we can know without a doubt  Jesus won’t …   He will never let us down.    We may have our heart broken, probably … Continue reading

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I Have all the Needed Qualifications…….

.   How wonderful I have all the needed Qualifications…… . But I don’t have any degrees, awards or titles, I haven’t been to Collage or University, I’m not famous, I haven’t written a book, you won’t read about me … Continue reading

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Priceless Photos and Imaginings…..

  This is the funniest Mouth-organ I have ever played…        I’m always putting my foot in my mouth I don’t need yours too…       I wonder what they’re looking at – they do look a bit … Continue reading

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The Wellie Boot’s

   The “Wellie Boot’s ” – (Gum Boots) (Anyone who has ever dressed a Child will love this one!)  A Pre-School teacher who was helping one of the Children put on his “Wellie boot’s He asked for help and she could … Continue reading

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The Heart of Easter Remains With Us…

  The Heart of Easter like Christmas remains with us all year it is    God’s  Love…        No Jesus, No Peace…   Know Jesus, Know Peace,                                          …and His Love, Joy, Hope and Rest.     Click … Continue reading

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