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Christmas Blessings

Click Link To Enjoy-  All Gods Creation  If you don’t have a Power point viewer this link is for a free one that you can download then click and enjoy

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Underground Commitment

A House Church in a city of the Soviet Union received one copy of the Gospel of Luke, the only Scripture most of these Christians had ever seen. They tore it into small sections and distributed them among the body … Continue reading

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Green and Gold Malaria

                                                                                         The Australian Flags                New South Wales              Victoria                    Queensland                      South Australia             Western Australia                                Tasmania                    Northern Territory           Capital Territory                     Aboriginal                     Au-Eureka Stockade               Green and Gold Malaria The … Continue reading

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The Power of Love

It was a bitterly cold Christmas Eve in Korea in 1952.  A pregnant young mother, Bak Yoon, hobbled through the snow toward the home of a missionary friend where she knew she could find help.  Tears of sorrow froze on … Continue reading

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The amazing Christ’s Bell

    Christ’s Bell  THE BELL  I KNOW WHO I AM I am God’s child (John 1:12) I am Christ’s friend (John 15:15 ) I am united with the Lord (1 Cor. 6:17) I am bought with a price (1 Cor 6:19-20) … Continue reading

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The “W” in Christmas

 The “W” in Christmas Each December, I vowed to make Christmas a calm and peaceful experience. I had cut back on what I felt were non essential obligations – extensive card writing, endless baking, decorating, and overspending, things that I was … Continue reading

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Christmas Snowman

  How do you make a Snowman,  you start with Snow, what do we know about Snow, no two Snowflakes are the same they are all unique like we are and to make a Snowman you need more then one … Continue reading

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