The Dart Test…

 One particular day, Sally walked into the College and knew they were in for a fun day.

On the wall was a big Target and on a nearby table were many darts Dr Smith told the students to draw a picture of someone that they disliked or someone who had made them angry, and he would allow them to throw darts at the person’s picture.

Sally’s friend drew a picture of someone who had stolen her boyfriend. Another friend drew a picture of a woman from another Country who she didn’t think measured up and one of his little brother. Someone else had a picture of a person who had upset them on their Blog. Sally drew a picture of a former friend, putting a great deal of detail into her drawing, even drawing pimples on the face. Sally was pleased with the overall effect she had achieved.

The class lined up and began throwing darts. Some of the students threw their darts with such force that their targets were ripping apart. Sally looked forward to her turn, and was filled with disappointment when Dr. Smith, because of time limits, asked the students to return to their seats. As Sally sat thinking about how angry she was because she didn’t have a chance to throw any darts at her target. Dr. Smith began removing the target from the wall.


Underneath the target was a picture of Jesus.  A hush fell over the room as each student viewed the mangled picture of Jesus; holes and jagged marks covered His face and His eyes were pierced.

 Dr. Smith said only these words… “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” Matthew 25:40 

No other words were necessary; the tears filled eyes of the students focused only on the picture of Christ

 Matthew 5:43-45  Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy Neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you,Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in Heaven for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Love and hate can not co-exist,  they are not in Unity we  can’t have Love in our heart while ever we hate someone and without Love the Holy Spirit can’t fill us with the rest of His good fruit. Galatians 5: 22-25.


About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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11 Responses to The Dart Test…

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  2. I loved this. What a powerful and awesome post Anne ~ thank you so much for sharing it. Many blessings my friend 🙂


    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi Jessie good to see you and yes it is a powerful post, whoever wrote it was very much in touch with God’s reality, we hurt Him whe we hurt others, how True this is.

      Many Blessings my Sister Jessie – Christian Love Anne.


  3. Lady Deidre says:

    Great post! A good reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus at all times!
    God Bless You, Sister Annie!


    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi Lady D, yes what you shared is very True but do you know if Jesus is really within us and we have His mind we can’t look any other way, He doesen’t leave us or abandon us but if we keep the door locked He can’t come in right from the start, in other words He can’t come into our heart … unconfessed sin keeps the door locked.

      Thank you my Sister for sharing, you are always a blessing that I give thanks for.

      Christian Love Annie.


  4. isaiah43123 says:

    WOW! A great and mighty post! How different our relationships would be if viewed through the dart test instead the all-about-me attitude.

    Merry Christmas!


    • Freedomborn says:

      You have hit the nail on the head isaiah43123, if we can’t Love those we see how can we Love Jesus who we can’t. God’s Respect and Love in us never dies because it is not dependant on others and it’s unconditional. The same with Trust which is part of Love, we can’t Love anyone in the flesh who we don’t Trust or who we think will harm us, that’s why we need God’s Love …what about those who hurt us, our Trust is not in them, it’s in God who will work even their betrayal out for good.

      Thanks for sharing isaiah43123, you are a dear Sister.

      Christian Love Anne.


  5. Wow, Anne. This is very powerful. It sheds a whole new light on how we treat others. Thank you so much for posting it. I will be posting the link to my facebook and twitter pages.


    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi Dru, yes this is a very powerful reminder just who we are hurting with our bitterness, resentment, Slander and unkind Gossip etc.

      Sorry it has taken so long to reply to you but I have very much appreciated your help and encouragment with Blogging, to be honest I’m still trying to work through the basics, there are many Bloggers I still can’t stay joined up with so I miss their new posts, like yours.

      Thank you for your constant patience we me, you are a wonderful Sister in The Lord even if you can’t cook fish.

      Christian Love Annie.


  6. mtsweat says:

    Very true Anne. Every dart we throw should be viewed in this manner. If so, I think I would throw a lot less. Thanks and God bless.


    • Freedomborn says:

      Thank you mtsweat and yes it is True if there is anyone we cannot Love that means we cannot really Love anyone. Love and Hate cannot co -exist.

      When I first started my Blog you were always there and it encouraged me not to give up, being Dyslectic it has been very hard for me and I have made lots of mistakes but right from the start you supported me a complete stranger and I’m sure to some even strange, but I felt if mtsweat thinks it’s ok, it will all work out and I would give a quick prayer of thanks and continue… Thank you so much.

      Christian Love Anne.


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