The Miracle of Little Petal…..

Petal was a very Special little girl who came to live with me for a short time before Missy knocked at my door

As we were going to pick Petal up, whose name was Gretel from the refuge, I said to Ron… I think I will call her Petal, he agreed it sounded good, just then a car cut in front of us and the number plate read Petal 5 and that was the beginning of the Miracle of little Petal who touched my heart and many others in such a profound way.

Petal should never have come to live with me but the Refuge where I adopted her from because of a mix up with the Vet’s records they did not know she was dying of Liver Cancer, she was 8 and lived for only  4 more months.

But God used little Petal to show His Awesome reality to the Children in my Neighborhood who were part of my Funday School, I was teaching them about Jesus and how much He Loved them, they all came from Non – Christian families.  

Petal and Monty never lacked attention from the Children but sadly Petal became very ill and it was not because of her condition, the Vet just did not know what was causing her distressing symptoms.

I prayed with the Children and we asked for God’s help, some of them  told me they prayed for her heaps more which warmed my heart and soon after we prayed I woke up one Morning with a word in my mind, I didn’t know what it meant with not being a gardener, so I put it in my search engine and it said it was a plant poison, I rang the Vet and he confirmed that it could be the cause of her symptoms and so Ron removed the plants and Petal got better but her time was to still be short.

We buried her in a barren block of land beside the side fence, there was nothing planted, it was an empty plot of ground and had been the same since moving  there, I put Toby my stuffed bed dog beside her, he had become her very special  companion and I also put a rock and a potted plant on top of her grave.

The children made a headstone for Petal with all their names on it and they drew flowers and butterflies all over the slate and it looked so pretty but within a few days real white Easter  Lilies grew up all around the grave. they just appeared from nowhere, and it was October, we were all amazed, the Children came everyday to see the Lilies grow and visit with Petal …

Will they ever forget Petal maybe but the seed of God’s awesome Love will be forever in their hearts and mine. There was another way Petal touched my life and heart but I will share it later.

Although very much like her, please note the above picture of Petal is a Calendar Pic, the real one is in our heart and it will never depart but instead of sadness in Heaven we will remember only the Joy the she brought and even if her little body were to remain in the ground, we will never be apart because God has for eternity placed her in our hearts like all our other Animal friends. 

I wrote this poem below about Petal not long after she died.


Petal’s day of birth, or how she came to be was very much a mystery, and yet it seems she was meant to be part of my destiny.

 Her eyes held the pain she had known and fear at the start was often shown but very soon she came to be

A wonderful and loving friend to me.

 Hugs for Petal were something new, maybe in her life there had been very few but without much delay they came to be part of each and every day and close to me she would want to stay .

 Petal loved her toys, walks and a ride in the car and Toby her stuffed dog would never be far,

He was there from the beginning to the end of each day and she let you know that  was how it had to stay.

 Petals body had laboured hard and our time together was to be short, every minute with her was precious and something I sought. 

   I held her close to my heart not wanting for us to ever be apart and hoping there was a way to have her for just one more day.

 But  Petal  seemed to understand it was her time to go and in her own way she let me know, I gave her one more hug and words of Love

Then I asked our Heavenly Father above to please let her depart but knowing without doubt she never will from my heart and I have known it from the start.

By Annie



About Freedomborn

My name is Anne although some call me Grannie Annie especially Children whom I share with in my Funday School . I live in Queensland Australia. I’m very much a People person believing we are all People of worth and unique, so I have much Joy in sharing with people personally and over the Internet. My main focus in life is my wonderful Friendship with Jesus Christ, without Him everything else would be meaningless, I have deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I'm a Spiritual Child of The King of Kings and I seek to share with others how truly wonderful that is with the hope they too will realize the same and be set free now.
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26 Responses to The Miracle of Little Petal…..

  1. Lovely, Anne! We share some of the same kind of experiences. Our newest dog – our minx – is Greta, a rescue!

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    • Great to hear Maria, they very much need loving homes, Petal was found in a rubbish tip she should have only lived a few weeks but we had her for 4 months before she died, they think she was a breeding dog. We mostly buy dogs from Animal refuges but we have had a few that were strays, we Love our furry friends and birds and fish too.How long have you had your minx Greta?.

      Blessing – Anne.

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      • Good morning, Anne! I’m so glad for you and Ron and Petal, that the Lord brought her to you. You asked about the minx. We’ve had her since she was four months old. She will be two in November. She almost died last summer – we believe she’d been getting into mulch laced with herbicide at the apartment where we live. She’s tip-top now, funny pup, vocalizes A LOT. We’re grateful, Anne. She’s half Chihuahua and half Dachshund. A little funny looking. She likes children.

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        • Thanks Maria for sharing about your furry friend the minxs, he sounds like a real blessing and cute too and of course he has to let you know he is around and is the boss, this is why he vocalizes a lot Lol .

          Pets do indeed capture our heart but as we know Maria they are also a big responsibility, some people don’t realize this and it is why some animals end up in refuges but at least they than have an opportunity to have a new home where they are wanted and loved and because they are they return it.

          Blessings -Anne.

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  2. Naomi says:

    Anne I’m crying as I read this but really liked what you wrote: “how can they depart if they are in our heart and the special times we shared with them will always remain, because nothing to do with Love is ever in vain.”

    My first pet is my little cat Buster. He’s been with my husband and I for over 9 years now, a little affectionate treasure and blessing. He was suddenly sick a year ago and we had to take him to an animal hospital. Though it later turned out it was nothing serious my heart felt like it had been kicked in. Just thinking of losing him or seeing him suffer was terrible. But your story has given me hope. Nothing is in vain with the Lord and He used little Petal to bring the gift of faith to many children. That is truly beautiful.


    • How beautiful your words are Naomi, you have God’s Melody in your heart, I feel very blessed that our lives touched. Yes I believe too that although God never causes evil to happen, He works everything for good like he did with Petal.

      Buster sounds like a real blessing too and yes he will always remain in your heart. Ron was never fond of cats until we had Woody, guess whose lap he sat on all the time, yes Ron melted.

      I Love all of God’s animals and have created Power points featuring them, some were with the help of the Children in my Funday School, it was fun making them with the Children, they picked the pictures and I added the words, although they did share with me what they wanted to say, I have posted a few of them but mostly they have been used in Sunday Schools.

      Christian Love Always – Anne


  3. T says:

    Hi Anne, I somehow landed here from your Halloween post, what a blessing and a gift Petal was, I loved reading this, thank you for sharing about Petal!


    • The Link for this Story was on my Halloween message, as I explained God showed the Children a sign and wonder through Petal knowing that Funday School would soon end.

      There was nothing planted where Petal was buried it was an empty plot of ground next to the side gate and had been the same since I first moved there perhaps I should have mentioned that anyway amazingly the Easter lilies started blossoming they never have since even though the plants are still there. Hope that helps clear up the Mystery.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing – Love Anne


    • Hi T, I did mention what I shared with you about were we buried Petal but I’m sorry it was not real clear, so I fixed it up , thanks again – Anne


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  6. Ron says:

    Petal was a sick little dog who shouldnt have been part of the family but she was for a short time and was a blessing, Anne gave her heaps of love and attention and she too liked the car rides with me and walks and her teddy dog, all Pets have their own personalities and she had hers.



    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi Love, yes Petal was presious but as you said each of our pets have had their own special ways and will always be remembered with thankfulness for the joy they brought us, they are indeed a gift from God.

      Christian Love Anne


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  10. Hi Anne, I have hopefully managed to log in using my facebook account. I know this story on Petal, and it touches my much now as it did when you first told me. I am so blessed with the pets I have had over the years, the joy they the bring and the love they impart is wonderful. How much greater is Our Creators’ love for us, as He is Love. So glad you are my friend, and that we are sisters in Christ.
    Take care


    • Freedomborn says:

      My Dear friend Vivienne, thank you for persevering, I have someone checking out the problem for me next week.

      My Little Petal is still very much in my heart and will always be, although there was much sadness, there are wonderful memories too, the same as you have with the little one you lost but thankfully your little black fluffy bundle of love Bonsai who has stolen your heart has also washed away a lot of your grief, every gift from God comes with Love.

      Your friendship is also a wonderful gift from Him,

      Love you my Sister- Anne.


  11. I can relate to your dog Petal. On my blog is a similar story of little Punky. I found Punky half dead, lying next to a curb. When I found her, she has no hair, blood coming out of both ears, a broken paw, busted ribs, and fleas and cigarette burns all over her naked little body as well as a head concussion. I took the little girl home with me, prayer over her and did what I could to heal her wounds. Today, she is a very different dog. Totally healed, so smart and affectionate. I got a pic of her on my blog, I am sure you have seen her Ann. My heart goes out to you for your loss dear. I know it is going to hurt me deeply when my dogs pass on. They truly are an expression of Gods love, so forgiving, so loyal and affectionate. Touching post dear. Thank you for reminding me of how precious my dogs really are.


    • Freedomborn says:

      Thank you Bible Man, it’s so encouraging to hear such a Loving response to one of God’s little animals in great need of care. I posted a story for you called Love does not give up to thank you and to encourage others to follow your example that was prompted by kindness and compassion.

      God bless you greatly- Christian Love Anne


  12. Debbie says:

    Anne – This is such a sweet sad post. C.S Lewis believed that animals went to heaven – Maybe Petal is waiting there with licks of love for you.


    • Freedomborn says:

      Hi Debbie, welcome to my Blog, yes my Memories of Petal are both sweet and sad but as the Scriptures tell us in Heaven we will know only Joy there will be not memory of the sadness we have suffered on earth, yes there are those who will argue for and against and if we really want to know, the Scriptures will tell us so, but as I shared in my post…

      The real picture that I have of Petal in my heart is of Joy and it will never depart, I will remember only the sweetness that she brought me not the pain so we will never be apart because God has for eternity placed Petal in my heart .

      Look forward to sharing with your more Debbie, I will drop by your Blog in the near future,

      Christian Love Anne.


  13. You have me in tears, Anne, and missing my Kayla. Don’t know if you have read it, but I posted a blog about her a couple months ago. We can become attached so quickly, and love them so much … then hurt so much when we lose them.


    • Freedomborn says:

      My Dear friend Drusilla, yes I understand your pain, it does hurt to loose someone we Love and every time I see little Petal’s resting place, I feel sadness but then I remember the Number Plate and the Easter Lilies and how God used them to touch the Children’s hearts with wonder and I know this seed of faith will grow and blossom because God is Love and has shown it to be so.

      I do not believe that God planned for me to be hurt or for Petal to suffer but He knew that she would and that her final days would be with me and all that would happen, He knew that Kayla would also leave her paw prints in your heart and He doesn’t want that Love you had for her to ever depart.

      The number plate was to show me He would be close by my side even though at the time I didn’t understand this because of not knowing she was terminally ill, so even in my sadness I’m very thankful for the reassurance and the good He brought from the suffering that is part of our world, He is indeed a great God of Love and Compassion.

      I will read about your Kayla tonight Drusilla and hold you both close in my heart and together we will cry but it we will only for a season, because I know like Petal, Kayla will always stay, how can they depart if they are in our heart and the special times we shared with them will always remain, because nothing to do with Love is ever in vain.

      Christian Love Anne.


  14. Velta Maes says:

    A very touching story and poem. Animals become part of our family and our life. One of our hens died in my arms and I shed a few tears. God has put compassion in our hearts, not only for our fellow man but for the animals He puts in our lives.
    Gramma Velta


    • Freedomborn says:

      Dear Gramma Velta, yes as you wisely shared, God has put Love and compassion in our hearts, but sadly much abuse can desensitise us and cause coldness and so it was with me but God has been defrosting me but the problem is now I can’t turn off the tap, it’s like a dam has given way because the blockage no longer remains, It’s so good to feel again.

      Petal was my little babies that I lost, for a short time she was all my little ones that I never held or nurtured, she was the babies I never rocked to sleep or sang a lulaby too, she gave me Joy that I had never experienced because of not holding my little ones close to my heart, yes it was only for a season but she defrosted in me what had been covered by pain, my heart was broken and it had even at one time caused me to fear God’s name.

      All the thoughtless remarks perhaps not really said to harm, had hardened me and stopped my Love from continuing to grow, hurtful words that caused more pain …like stop feeling sorry for yourself, don’t be so dramatic, you can have another baby, or come on cheer up, stop crying it’s not all about you, it’s not that bad your making others sad…. but yes it was very bad my heart froze because there was no one to give me a hug and cry with me or to care that I was hurting. Petal brought back my tears, she washed away the pain, it was a gift from our God of Love. No He did not plan that I would suffer this way but He knew Petal would come and wash away the pain, so I could feel again and He knew it needed to be, so because He longed to heal me He cried and held me close in four little paws that needed me, and this set me free so others would also be.

      The Children that Loved Petal, will also be set free, this God has promised me and so I know it will be.

      Thank you Velta, your tears for a little hen, show you feel, you are a wonderful blessing to me, your saying you Love me, means the world to me, and to know you care is better then 100 Teddy bears….. still one would be good! anyway I hold you in my heart, we are never apart.

      Love you Gramma – Annie


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